Acrylic portrait "David"

Here comes the acrylic portrait of my colleague David. He was surprised that I´m a secret painter :), so he gave me simple task (quest :) to paint his portrait. And he was happy with the result...he gave me quite expensive bottle of Rum...mmmmm

I was playing with colors and experimenting with technique and it was really fun...

Acrylic on hardboard 30x25cm, done through one weekend., you can see also picture from "work in progress" bellow...


"David" WIP


Digital portrait "Peter"

I´ve accidentally found nice movember picture of my colleague and friend Peter. I made a quick digital sketch and I was wondering if I should proceed somehow... but you know, I´m a lazy guy, so I made just few adjustments with colors and here comes the new "impressionistic" look... :)

Huion tablet, CS4, 40 minutes. and the photo reference


The original sketch


Digital sketch "Deluxe"

Just to have some update...quick digital sketch for training purposes
CS4 + Huion tablet, reference from internet and 1,5 hour of work
Enjoy :)



Acrylics painting "Pasacci"

Here is my acrylics painting I was working for last 3 months (including 1 month of total inactivity:). It is my first experience with stretched canvas and I was quite surprised how high was the usage of color (my previous paintings was on hardboard).
The painting was done as commission, two paintings in the same style and colors were requested and reference pictures were proposed. Pictures will be hanging next to each other most probably.
The theme is mostly about traditional sheep herding, kind of tradition in some parts of our country...not easy to explain... :)

No work in progress pictures this time...

2x stretched canvas 40x30 cm , acrylics colors



Walking dead tribute - digital sketch comics

Here comes my comics experiment. I´ve created few digital sketches from the Walking dead series. Few really badass words placed in sketchy pictures... :)
Full resolution view is needed.


Digital sketch "Old hat"

Usually I have a rule - don´t draw/paint kids. It´s not because I have something against them, but mostly because it´s really hard work to catch the likeness and parents are always not satisfied :)
Anyway this is just another quick digital sketch with reference picture from our family album. 
I was experimenting with some brush settings and soft/hard edges, also a smudge tool, etc...
And, I have to say I like the result. Maybe it´s quite rough but that´s probably why I like it... :)

Took me less than 1 hour, used CS4 and Huion tablet... 

"Old hat"


Few traditional sketches from my sketchbook

I would like to share these three traditional sketches from my sketchbook, just to have some update.
Nothing fancy, just studies. Format usually smaller than A5.

Pencil study of some painting, checking for values and edges.

Quick portrait study from some photo reference, tempera colors used (just black/white)

Pencil study of some painting again.


Digital painting - "Rough beauty"

This digital painting was originally just some next portrait study, but I was continuously wondering how far I´m able to go. So I went through sketchy sketch into quite finished portrait then some more tweaks and here we go... :)  It´s still nothing really ultra cool :) but some progress is visible I hope...
Slightly inspired by Luis Royo and his art...

This girl doesn´r need any weapons, she´s rough and though enough just as she is... :)

Bellow you can see also some screens from the progress.

Painted with my Huion tablet, CS4, photo reference slightly used, and it took me two evenings...

"Rough beauty"

The progress pictures


Digital sketch - "Soft light"

Playing with colors/light and edges, trying to create some new fresh look. I´ve found really nice reference picture with sexy girl and started digital sketch. Took me two evenings,

Used my Huion tablet and CS4.

"Soft light"

WIP Steps


Quick digital sketch - "Red Passion"

Finally, some digital work with my tablet. Quick study sketch focused mainly on colors and edges. Nothing fancy, but at lease something... :)
Used some picture from internet as a reference.
Took me around 1 hour or so...

"Red passion"


The Apple, small Grapie and the Universe

Name of this picture came from my little daughter and it´s not translated very precisely. It started as just Apple still life study but ended like quite nice painting. I was inspired by oil still life paintings made by  David Cheifetz (see previous article ) It was quite challenging, It´s not easy to paint the same thing with tablet and with real paint... :) nothing new...:)
The most difficult stuff here was the foggy/smoke effect - I´m not very familiar with using a thinner/gel.

Acrylic paint on hardboard 25x30cm.

"The Apple, small Grapie and the Universe"



Digital studies of "classic art"

I really like the painterly style of David Cheifetz so I´ve made few studies of his paintings. Not easy to fit the style, colors or the brush texture/work.
Anyway, it was fun and I would like to try it more often. Maybe also with my own still life and acrylics...will see...
Here comes my studies, half hour each....


Digital painting "Malvina"

Fuuuf, quite a lot of time since my last post...shame on me...I was busy with other stuff than painting, sadly...
So here is digital training sketch, just to check that the tablet is still working and to show that I´m not dead... :)

Used my Huion tablet, CS4 and some reference picture from internet



Acrylic portrait - "Bohumil"

It´s been quite a long time from my last post. So here you can see result of my effort. I was working on a portrait of my friend´s grandfather. I was using a digital photo of an old black/white paper photography.

I was painting with acrylics on hard board 50x40 cm and it took me more than one month of work (not really the whole month, I was painting just for a while during some evenings).

It was really very challenging and exciting work - trying to find out right colors and investigation of blurred details in the reference picture... :)

I hope that this painting will be hanging on the wall for centuries... :) 

Bellow you can see the result and also gif with several stages of the work...
Comments and tips will be highly appreciated.




Digital sketch "Backline"

I was inspired by several interesting tutorials about airbrushing methods with photoshop, so I´ve decided to give it a try. I was really surprised how quickly is possible to render human body with soft edges.
I will definitely practice it more.
The picture you can see below took me around 40minutes, some reference photo from internet was used.
It´s not perfect anatomy study, that´s for sure, but it was a first try and really like the result.
Next time I would like to record the process or some steps at least.



Older digital sketch "Destiny"

I´ve found one a bit older forgotten digital sketch on my HDD...nothing fancy. So, I´ve decided to post it here because a lack of new pieces...
I call it Destiny, don´t remember when, why and how I did this...



Some sketches

The weather is hot and it´s not easy to paint/draw for me. Here is some update after some time. Nothing fancy, just few shots from my sketchbook.

Portrait sketch of some girl from internet 

 Just doodling around, trying to find some inspiration

Sketch touched with tempera colors.


20minute digital sketch session

I was experimenting with video recording tools and I've recorded my quick digital sketching session. The video is sped up, original time was around 20 minutes, the result is not very presentable, but you can see the process.... and it was fun... :)

More videos with better quality (I hope) will follow..



Digital sketch with Kingdom of Heaven

I´ve got screenshot from one of my favorite movies - Kingdom of Heaven. It´s quite old film but nevermind. I really like the roughness and the way haw reality is presented.
Here comes the knight without armor...

CS4 + Huion tablet, one hour... maybe two, I´m not so sure, it wasn´t so quick as I originally tought... :)

Kingdom of Heaven sketch


Digital portrait "Anena"

Here comes a digital portrait after quite a long time. I was trying to use mostly just soft brush and sharpening tool (when needed). I would say, that I´m almost confident with gray values and need to work more with colors. And keep practicing with forms...
Even though I spent two evenings with this picture (around 4hours) details are not very detailed.. :)
Used some photo reference and my Huion tablet + CS4.
Enjoy  and feel free to comment

P.S. Don´t ask me from where the name came from...:)



Acrylics painting "Na Javornicku"

Here is my recent acrylics painting of small forest chapel "Na Javornicku". 
Used acrylic paintings, hardboard 30x40cm.

You can see also work in progress picture bellow. I´ve started with red underpainting but I feel that the expected effect was not achieved. I have to learn a lot...

 "Na Javoricku"



Digital study of skull

Digital study of skull from reference...
Not very detailed, spent around 1,5 hour, just gray scale.
I was not focusing on proportions but on values and edges...


Digital sketch - "Swamp fighter"

I was trying to create something different than usually. Playing with soft edged brushes, trying to be as loose as possible. Just my fantasy and fun...nothing fancy...
The result is a loose sketch, I think that values are not very well, there was no preparation sketch or thumbnail...
So,.. enjoy the swamp fighter... :)

Created with CS4, Huion tablet, no reference, 1 hour

"Swamp fighter"


Digital sketch - "Ergo"

Here is digital sketch after some time, just to have update... :)
Took me more time than I expected, but still looking so messy. I need to focus more...
Used some photo reference from internet.
Created with CS4 and Huion tablet...


Digital painting - "Olga"

Playing with tablet. colors and CS4 filters. There was some reference picture at the beginning but later just working according to my fantasy. Still not able to get the impressionistic look I want, but I´m not trying to hard... :)


"Olga" :)


Pencil sketches

I don´t have much update to share, so here you can see few quick pencil sketches from my recent sketchbook (A5).
I know that my drawing sucks and I need to practice more. Maybe I´m a small bit better with colors... :) I hope...


Acrylics painting - "Space abstraction"

Here is my next acrylics painting done as a "commission"
30x40cm hard board, I would like to varnish it later, it's still not completely dry...
I have to find out how to do splatters more efficiently.... :]
It was a fun...

"Space abstraction"


Digital portrait - "Lady sparkle"

Digital portrait again :). Done with limited color pallet and trying to eliminate the looseness.
I´m really not sure what to say more about this picture, maybe that I was trying to add there also some interesting atmosphere - sparkles... :)

Took me around 2 hours, done in CS4 with Huion tablet, some photo reference used.

"Lady sparkle"


Acrylics painting - "Bobik"

Here is my last still life acrylics painting. I was using plush toy called "Bobik" as a model. It was my first real still life acrylics painting session ever...:) 
You can see the result below  + some work in progress pictures...
I would try to make it more abstract and more colorful next time.
Painted on 20x30 cm (A4) sololit (hardboard) witch acrylics gesso as a baseline. I was using regular pencil for sketch drawing, it is still visible in few places, need to avoid it next time...


WIP - first color layer 

 WIP - almost done

The model :)


Digital portrait "White"

I´m a big fan of artist Rene Aigner and I really love his amazing digital portraits, so smooth but solid and detailed. He´s updating his sketchbook almost every day. So I´ve decided to improve my stuff in his way. So I´ve started to use initial sketch, then restricted pallet of colors (grey for now) and focus on the transitions and blending. 
Below you can see the result, I would say, that it looks not so much sketchy than my previous usual pictures. I need to practice more, for sure, but I hope this could be a way...
Unfortunately I didn´t save any work in progress pictures, no steps and no video, maybe next time...
Also the resolution is not too high, but never mind.
Took me around 2 hours, photo reference used, tablet Huion and CS4.
Feel free to comment...



Digital portrait "Isma"

This piece was unfinished for a loong time. So finally here it is... :)
There was just rough drawing sketch, then I was adding more layers with colors and light. Also playing with hair and color combinations.
Still not sure about the background.
Made with my Huion tablet and CS4, photo reference from internet used...



Imagination sktech dump

Two pictures from this evening digitally painted without any reference, just with my fantasy. I was trying to use process with lasso tool from some tutorial I´ve seen recently. It´s a bit abstract, still a lot of space for improvements...
The "Thief" picture just came up from general messing with brushes... :)
Nothing fancy just sketches for fun...

"The Tree"