The Apple, small Grapie and the Universe

Name of this picture came from my little daughter and it´s not translated very precisely. It started as just Apple still life study but ended like quite nice painting. I was inspired by oil still life paintings made by  David Cheifetz (see previous article ) It was quite challenging, It´s not easy to paint the same thing with tablet and with real paint... :) nothing new...:)
The most difficult stuff here was the foggy/smoke effect - I´m not very familiar with using a thinner/gel.

Acrylic paint on hardboard 25x30cm.

"The Apple, small Grapie and the Universe"



Digital studies of "classic art"

I really like the painterly style of David Cheifetz so I´ve made few studies of his paintings. Not easy to fit the style, colors or the brush texture/work.
Anyway, it was fun and I would like to try it more often. Maybe also with my own still life and acrylics...will see...
Here comes my studies, half hour each....


Digital painting "Malvina"

Fuuuf, quite a lot of time since my last post...shame on me...I was busy with other stuff than painting, sadly...
So here is digital training sketch, just to check that the tablet is still working and to show that I´m not dead... :)

Used my Huion tablet, CS4 and some reference picture from internet