Digital portrait "White"

I´m a big fan of artist Rene Aigner and I really love his amazing digital portraits, so smooth but solid and detailed. He´s updating his sketchbook almost every day. So I´ve decided to improve my stuff in his way. So I´ve started to use initial sketch, then restricted pallet of colors (grey for now) and focus on the transitions and blending. 
Below you can see the result, I would say, that it looks not so much sketchy than my previous usual pictures. I need to practice more, for sure, but I hope this could be a way...
Unfortunately I didn´t save any work in progress pictures, no steps and no video, maybe next time...
Also the resolution is not too high, but never mind.
Took me around 2 hours, photo reference used, tablet Huion and CS4.
Feel free to comment...



Digital portrait "Isma"

This piece was unfinished for a loong time. So finally here it is... :)
There was just rough drawing sketch, then I was adding more layers with colors and light. Also playing with hair and color combinations.
Still not sure about the background.
Made with my Huion tablet and CS4, photo reference from internet used...



Imagination sktech dump

Two pictures from this evening digitally painted without any reference, just with my fantasy. I was trying to use process with lasso tool from some tutorial I´ve seen recently. It´s a bit abstract, still a lot of space for improvements...
The "Thief" picture just came up from general messing with brushes... :)
Nothing fancy just sketches for fun...

"The Tree"



Digital portrait - "Dreaming"

Two sessions leading to this result. I was trying to get something more than my usual rough sketch, so the face is better blended and colored, I hope.
Nice dreaming girl, painted with some reference picture from DA.



Old master digital study - Patroclus

Here is my second (maybe) study of "old master". Inspired by "Level Up!" activity managed by conceptart.org portal. 
The original piece is an oil painting called "Male Nude known as Patroclus" from Jacques Louis David. My digital study took me more than 2 hours and it was really fun. No tracing and no color picking from the original picture. I´m quite satisfy with colors but the anatomy and proportions were quite a challenge...
Hand and foots doesn´t look right, mostly because I didn´t want to invest more time into them...
Any comments, tips and critique will be very appreciated... 

Patroclus study


Digital portrait #12345

Here is some digital portrait after a long time. I was experimenting with brushes and light. Also trying some different techniques than before. Colors are not very finished, but never mind.
I was trying to blend color better and make more soft transition with the soft brush. I would say, that it looks quite good. Need to practice more and try more new/different things.  
Took me less than 1 hour. Used CS4 and Huion tablet

#12345 is not a proper name, but it´s just a sketch... right? :)


Acrylics painting - "Small chappel"

My first try to paint landscape with "real" colors. Those trees are not perfect but I did my best. Need to study the nature more.
Painted with some photo reference (it´s a real place) from and for my friend.
Acrylics on hard board 30x40cm. Took me around one week (just evenings).

It was hard to find some nice angle for taking picture of this.

"Small chappel near to Velke Karlovice"