Digital portrait "White"

I´m a big fan of artist Rene Aigner and I really love his amazing digital portraits, so smooth but solid and detailed. He´s updating his sketchbook almost every day. So I´ve decided to improve my stuff in his way. So I´ve started to use initial sketch, then restricted pallet of colors (grey for now) and focus on the transitions and blending. 
Below you can see the result, I would say, that it looks not so much sketchy than my previous usual pictures. I need to practice more, for sure, but I hope this could be a way...
Unfortunately I didn´t save any work in progress pictures, no steps and no video, maybe next time...
Also the resolution is not too high, but never mind.
Took me around 2 hours, photo reference used, tablet Huion and CS4.
Feel free to comment...


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