Digital sketch "Sedim"

Digital sketch created during hangout. I know there are some anatomy issues, but I was more focusing on different technique...and chatting with other guys... :)

You can check also the video...



Digital portrait sketch "Rick" + video

Here comes result from my streamed sketch session on twitch channel.
Digital portrait of Rick from Walking Dead. Included also my spoken commentary in Czech language. I can try to do it in English if someone will be interested :)

I´ll appreciate any comments/feedback

Used my tablet Huion + CS4



Digital sketch "Green fields city"

Small sketch done during the last digital painting hangout (CZ). We were studding nice landscape picture with focus on the light. I was not able to just stick with the reference, so I made few changes and created completely different fantasy landscape...:)

Done with CS4 + Huion tablet

 "Green fields city"


Acrylic painting "Stromokaktus"

My fresh new acrylic painting based on my photo from holiday on Crete. There were these interesting and unknown (for me) plants, not sure if it is tree or flower or what, but it was pretty high, around 4-5 meters or so. green trunk with tiny branches ended with clots of something... :)

The picture was completely painted with pallet knife and I was trying to create some color structure/relief - kind of impasto,  but not very successfully.

Painted on gessoed 40 x 30 cm hardboard, signed and will be varnished...


detail 1

detail 2


Digital sketching "firebombs"

I was trying to distinguish the effort and work on multiple pictures in parallel. The advantage is that my ayes have not chance become accustomed to one picture.and stays fresh for a longer time (just my theory). Also trying to play with colors a bit...
There is the same model in both pictures, original photo reference from thefirebomb .

Done with CS4 and Huion tablet


Acrylic sketch "First frost"

Quick and small acrylic sketch from imagination - just for fun. Nothing special but I like it, not sure why exactly... :)
Just wanted to share...

 "First frost"


Acrylic painting "Zako" + Video

Finally, some "proper" traditional painting after a long time. This is the African grey parrot (Zako) painted as a "commission" for my wife...as a compensation that we can´t have it as an living bird.

You can see quick digital study made during a last digital painting hangout and also the video with the painting progress.

Here it comes...acrylics on canvas 40x30cm, (will be varnished)


Quick digital study

Video with the process:


Digital portrait "Daeneris"

Here comes result of what started just as a digital sketch based on screenshot from the movie. I§m pretty sure that there is no need to introduce the person/character from the Game of Thrones series.
My intention was not clean polished picture but more painterly sketch portrait... 
I was fighting with the background from the beginning and I hope the final result is ok...

CS4. Huion and screenshot reference...



Digital portrait sketch "Korale"

Digital portrait sketch from Digital painting hangout sessions this week. The G+ hangouts were canceled and completely moved to youtube... not so intuitive setup (from my point of view) but will see the future...
Anyway, I was experimenting with colors and textures (just a bit).

Done with CS4, Huion tablet and photo reference...



Digital sketch "Butt"

This is a digital sketch done during a last digital painting hangout...
I was trying to be more loose and abstract...anyway, some pose sketch after a long time...

CS4, Huion



Acrylic training portraits

Here comes also some traditional work - after the previous post with digital sketches. So this time portraits done with acrylics.
Painted with acrylics on A4 artist hardboard

The first picture was really not easy one and I suppose it´s also because of not very good reference picture. I was messing with paint and it was too rushed...

I like the second picture more, I was trying to calm down and prepare some color strings with burnt umber as a baseline color.


Few digital training sketches

Here is set of few digital training sketches. I was trying to regain my lost abilities :) so here are my attempts done during one evening. I was not focusing on accuracy, just playing with colors and form..

They are far to be perfect but I would like to show some update and let the world know that I´m alive... :)


Digital portrait "Vvola" + video with process

I´m trying to draw and paint more just to regain previous (poor) skills.... so here comes next digital portrait sketch and record of the process.
It took two sessions (evenings) and I´m not very happy with the final result but don´t want to loose more time with this picture...hopefully more will come soon...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital portrait "Anna"

Here comes some new work after a long time, quick black and white portrait study. Nothing special just trying to check if I still can do it... :)
It was created during my stream on my twitch channel ... https://www.twitch.tv/ultrajaryn
Reference picture here

Used CS4 and Huion tablet ,  + Windows Movie maker for the video :)



Digital portrait "Bierdos"

Next digital portrait with some guy based on photo from blog with portrait references...
Nothing special, I´ve enjoyed the process and the result is ok, I guess...

Used Huion + CS4




Digital portrait "Boinda"

Here comes some digital painting after a looong time. Almost forgot how great fun it is ... need to practice more and get back the lost grip... 
I´ve started this during my twitch stream, but finished offline, so I don´t have the full video progress... what a shame... :)

CS4 + tablet Huion



Acrylic painting "Home"

I´ve finished painting of my parents house finally... was working on this too long (meaning - walking around this on my easel). Not very good idea to go start with very poor reference from google street map, moreover printed just in black and white...  next time I´ll be smarter, proper colorful photo reference can make things much easier...

btw, I hate that green...

Acrylic paint on 30x40cm stretched canvas, signed varnished, ready to hang on my parents wall...:)



Flight with hot air balloon

Sorry for no updates for a looong time... it´s a very busy spring... 
This post is not related to painting, you can see my video from a balloon flight... no more comments needed, I guess ... :)


Acrylic painting (study) "Louka u lesa"

Here comes next traditional painting (study) inspired by another artist - Laurel Daniel . She´s very inspiring plain air painter with wonderful works full of colors and light...
During this study I was focusing mainly on big color masses and the mentioned light. Also details are partially suppressed.
I was using painting knife from the beginning so there are also visible some marks...

Acrylic colors on 30x40cm stretched canvas, will be varnished...

"Louka u lesa" 



Digital portrait "Heaven"

There was a digital painting hangout this week and I´ve started digital portrait inspired by a clip "Wrong side of Heaven". It was not finished (see the WIP picture) but I stayed tuned and proceed with this painting till the state I would call "finished" :)
It´s still more like a sketch...

CS4, tablet Huion, reference picture




Acrylic painting (study) "Orchids"

I´m a new subscriber of the "Plain Air" magazine this year. There is a lot of inspiring stuff. I saw there amazing painting of orchids from Jerry Markham and decided that I must make some study of this awarded masterpiece... so here it comes... :)
The original is painted with oils my version is done with acrylics, painted on stretched canvas 40x30 cm...
It was a fun and also interesting ride because this not my usual "style". 

My "Orchids"



Acrylic painting "Goldie"

Next acrylic painting with "macro topic" :) . Actually it´s a second painting of snail ..but this one is a different species.
Not sure what to say more. It was fun. :)

acrylic paint on 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch cardboard 400g/m2, signed and will be varnished...




Digital portrait "Eve2"

Here comes digital portrait after some time... it´s fan art book illustration with main character of the book - Eve...
You can see the first attempt in my older post here
Not much to say...

Huion table, CS4, some reference photo used


WIP sketch


Acrylic painting "Green bridge"

Here comes next acrylic experiment called "Green bridge" (Zeleny most). I was inspired by cool macro photography of ladybug and I was trying to imitate those nice blue-greens and smooth gradients. 
I would say that colors are quite good but gradients with acrylic paint is real challenge (quite known true, I guess). I had also hard times with ladybug red color, even red right from tube was not so shine red as I would like to have...there must be some trick...:)

Anyway, enjoy the Green bridge painted with acrylic paint on 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch cardboard 400g/m2, signed and varnished...

"Green bridge" 



Acrylic painting "Cestou na Javornicek"

Acrylic painting based on my photo from nice weekend spent in Beskydy hills (Czech Republic). You can see also speed up video with process,  sadly there is missing the very last update with details, but most of the process is visible...enjoy... :)

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas 30x40cm, glossy varnish.
Sold already,..

"Cestou na Javornicek"


Digital sketch "Morgan" from Walking dead

There was Digital painting hangout last night and here you can see my work from there... digital sketch portrait of Morgan from Walking dead series.
I can´t wait for the next season, will be coming soon.... yaaayee

Huion tablet + CS4



Acrylic sketches + video

I have a new sketchbook for this year and I´m using it also for sketches witch acrylic paint. Here you can see two quick studies of paintings from Johannes Vloothuis (as I have a book from him).
Nothing fancy, main focus was on colors, simplify and values...

 I was trying to stream the progress on my stream channel. You can check the speed up recording.


Digital portrait illustrations for a book

I was looking for some new challenge so I started to work on illustrations for fantasy books "Kult Hada" and "Síla duše" written by Czech writer Petra Dragita Machova
I created digital portraits of two main characters and maybe I will come also with some "proper" illustration in the near future.
The book is currently shared on internet, so will see if it will be also printed (with my illustrations I hope:) 
It´s really great new experience to work with the author and discuss all the aspects related to painting...

So behold, here comes Eve and Gar...




I´m streaming !

I has been doing some research during few last weeks about streaming, streamers and related stuff. I am quite excite about this so I decided to try it too. 
You can check my new streaming channel here - twitch.tv/ultrajaryn , there is also active thumbnail on this blog, top of the right side panel.
I´m going to stream my painting process, usually between 20:30 and 23:00 so you can check whats going on...:)  Currently it´s commented in Czech language, I will try English in the future, maybe. It´s watchable even without sound... :)

Here you can check recorded first stream, it´s speed up 16x so it´s not so boring... :)

Here is the current state of the picture:


My new easel and experiments with acrylic

Welcome in the New year 2016. Here comes some blog update after the Xmas long pause...

Portable plain air easel
I was working on my new transportable easel - I would like to focus on plain air paintings this year, so I need to prepare proper gear for it...  Base of the easel is a standard portable camera tripod, the rest are mainly hardboard parts made by me. No rocket science, just check the picture...

Acrylic sketches
Here comes some traditional landscape pictures, I was mostly experimenting with different types of acrylic paint and some techniques.
I´ve  also started new sketchbook for these color experiments. Nothing fancy, just a standard paper, will see how it will handle all the paint...

The first one was painted according my photo reference from Beskydy - Valassko. 22x17cm

"Strom na Javornicku"

work in progress

And just training/experiment painting of a tree. A4

"Stromek" :)