Digital enviros studies

I have a request for few landscape paintings (real paintings on canvas) so I´m just looking for some inspiration and also practicing digitally (at least). I feel I need to focus more on how to simplify trees and grass and also check perspective.
Digital photo studies, quite quick


"Lost Little chapel"


Next still life with toy

Here is another still life with plush toy. It was quite quick (30 minutes) session and I was experimenting with brushes and techniques. Trying to implement several lost edges (not sure if successfully) and also create a sense of depth...



Still life digital sketch - "Bobik"

It´s not so common for me to paint/draw with "real" reference and moreover still life... :)
I´m wondering about portrait of our "Bobik" toy with acrylics, so this was just quick digital sketching session to check possibilities...
It was basically just drawing and then I´ve added few colors.
The result is no real art, just a sketch, but I like it... maybe because I like Bobik... :)



Acrylic painting - Toucan

I did this picture for my lovely daughter, she likes toucans and all colorful parrots and birds. I was a bit afraid of the bright colors but that was not problem. Bigger challenge was the background...:)
The toucan´s body is not very hard edged, I wanted to keep it loose, but I´m not sure if the result is right.
Painted with acrylic colors on board 30x20 cm.



Enviro quick digital painting

Enviro quick digital painting after a long time. Not very sophisticated and witch just few details.
Some reference photo slightly used.

"Lighthouse and rock"


Fire daemon

I was just messing with a brush and it became a face. Then a bit playing with CS filters and here comes the "Fire daemon" ... :)
Not very detailed, just for fun...

"Fire daemon"


Quick digital sketch - "Wanna"

Quick digital sketch done in grey and a bit colored at the end. Just for fun...
The result looks a bit "dirty", but never mind.
Some photo reference slightly used, took me around 1 hour, Huion tablet adn CS4.



Acrylic portrait - "Pavel"

I was working on my first "big portrait painting" this weekend. I hope it will hang on some wall... like a real peace of art.. :)
30x40 cm hardboard, acrylic colors, photo as a reference
You can see also several steps from the progress.


 Pencil sketch
 First color layer
Almost done