Acrylic painting "Abstract plates"

I was experimenting with colors and shapes and I also saw some inspiration on videos about abstract painting on youtube.
It looks quite easy on youtube, but it requires a lot of experience...obviously...
It was great fun and relax after all those landscapes and portraits...

Acrylic colors on hardboard 250g/m2 , 30x40 cm

"Abstract plates"


Acrylic painting "Pustevny forest"

Here comes small acrylic painting. Interesting trees and stones near to Pustevny, where I was on a short trip with my family. A lot of nice places there.
You can notice that there was used red underpainting.

A4 acid free paper 400g/m2.
sorry for bad light in foto...

"Pustevny forest"

reference picture ... :)


Playing with stones

I was on short vacation last week in Beskydy hills and there was quite hot weather. So we were often playing with kids in river / small creek flowing through woods....
I´ve found out that building small towers with river stones is fun even for me :)
Here are two pictures of my work, I´m also wondering that maybe I can try to paint a painting with these photos used as reference...in the future...


Digital sketch from hangout "Tank xyz"

There was a digital painting hangout yesterday evening and the topic was "gray scale study". 
I was working on landscape, then I've figured out that there could be placed something interesting to balance the composition and fill some empty space... :) so I choose tank... It is quite small picture and the work was quick so I decided to try add colors too.

There is problem with the hangout video because youtube claims that there was playing some song under copyright and therefore they muted the sound in the whole hangout recording. I can't say if they are right or not, because there is no chance to play the video with sound any more. And the function for removing the song part from the video doesn't work.
So I have video from hangout with no sound.... that's really great... :(

Done with CS4 and tablet Huion

"Tank xzy"