Acrylics painting - "Duo"

Quite quick and a bit abstract acrylic painting on 30x40 cm board done today. 
I called it "Duo".
Not signed yet



Digital painting - Angel Batista

Here comes some more known face...:) Digital portrait of Angel Batista from the Dexter series. 
I don´t know why, but it was quite easy to paint this. I´ve started with colors blocking and then continued with smoothing and details. I was also trying to add more texture with the fake grain. You can see the progress in attached picture. It was really just those three steps...

This picture took me around 2 hours (during two evenings sitting), slightly used screen capture from one Dexter´s episode. Completely done in CS4 with Huion tablet.
Please comment...

"Angel Batista" 

Progress steps


Digital auto-portrait #3

Next digital auto portrait, took me 1 hour... quite funny story related to this picture...:)
I was wondering that it would be nice to try paint a landscape or still life this time. Don´t know how, bot it turned into this portrait...
Not very fancy, but I like the light setup. Reference photo used.

"Auto-portrait #3"


Quick portrait sketch before dinner

Quick sketch when I was waiting for a dinner. I know it is not very precise according the reference, but I don´t care...it was caused by the hunger... :)
I would like to update and paint over it with temperas or acrylics later...

"Hunger sketch" :)


The Weekly Challenge: Secret Project

Something new for me...really out of my comfort zone...
no reference used, just messing around with several brushes, looks quite rough
took me less than 1 hour ---> speedpaint  :)

"Secret Project"


Quick portrait sketch with tempera

I would like to focus more on traditional painting. So I did this quick (less than 1 hour) portrait sketch with cheap school tempera colors (black and white) and standard office paper. The result is not perfect but I would say that it is not so bad for first try... :)
Picture from some magazine was used as a reference.




Quick painting - "Carl" from Walking dead

I saw the last episode of the Walking dead yesterday and I had a feeling that I really have to paint something related to this series. So here is¨a quick painting of "Carl" with his rifle... no zombies in sight ... :)
I´m not completely sure about the likeness.
Took me less than 2 hours.
Enjoy :)
And comment...


And some WIP here:


"Red dream" digital painting

Something new here...next digital portrait. Simply I can´t live without it... :)
Painted in gray scale and then added colors - it´s quite easy process but I feel I should work more with the color and try to use it directly...
It took me around 3 hours, done with my Huion tablet and CS4.
Reference picture slightly used.

"Red dream"


"Refuser" - digital painting

My new digital painting. Again started as a regular study, but later added also colors. I hope, that the blood is adding also some kind of dynamic into the picture.
Done with Huion tablet, CS4, few hours.  and reference picture.
Attached also work in progress screenshot.


Initial sketch, WIP


Digital training sketches

Two quick digital sketches done for training purposes. I was also trying to use limited pallet, just 4 gray colors.

aaand... updated with colors...just for fun... :)


Digital painting - "Waiting"

Digital painting according reference. Originally done in gray-scale but I added there also some colors. I don´t like the "dirty" look of shadows, but I have to find out how to blend it better or how to work with colors more efficiently.
There will be slight update of this picture in the future maybe, I would like to add some more interesting background... will see.
Done in CS4 with my Huion tablet, 2 evenings (around 4 hours)



Digitally colored traditional pencil sketch

I made a small sketch with friend of mine "Saki", just to investigate the form. Later I found out that I like it, so made a photo and put into a Photoshop. Then I played with tablet and colors upside of the original sketch and it turned out into quite nice result. It´s quite messy but I like it and hope that my friend will like it too.

Inicial pencil sketch

Final colored sketch


Digital painting - Hannah

I was trying to add more "deep" with the stress on the focal point - blurred background and foreground. Not completely sure about the colors.
Also trying to let visible some of my brush strokes and still not satisfied with the result.
Done in photoshop and Huion tablet, used photo reference from internet.



Digital sketch - Jade

Digital sketch of this evening. Done with my tablet Huion and CS4, took me around 1 hour, some picture from internet used for reference. It is mostly training sketch, I was experimenting with some new brushes, but the basic default simple brush is still most useful. 
As I said, it is just a sketch, not very detailed and could be more accurate...



Digital auto-portrait #2

After some time of silence...here we come... :) 
This time I created digital portrait of myself. It's not super precise but the likeness is there. Anyway, I was focusing mainly on the technique and color richness. I would like to get more abstraction there and also impression-like result. But I have some issue with this, maybe I'm to much focused on the reality. I have to work on it a bit harder.
Done with my Huion tablet + CS4 and It took me two evenings. 
Hope somebody will like it...:]


Digital portrait - Minjam

After a long time some new portrait again. I was trying to get a bit "clasic" oil like look, :). I have to experiment more with colors.
Anyway, I really like portraits of old masters where the face is coming into the light from deep dark.
This picture took me around 1,5 hour, used cs4 with my Huion tablet. Some reference picture slightly used for inspiration.



Morning - digital painting

Here is the new digital painting, (there is just fake canvas texture underneath). Not very happy with the result, - especially with the anatomy, but I learned several interesting things, I would like to use the new knowledge in same next work. Attached also some steps of my working process..

I would appreciate some comments...




Island town sketch

Here is my last "traditional" work...quick sketch of nice small town on a small island...reference in some travel magazine slightly used...
A5, ink pen, water brush, red watercolor...

Island town sketch


Night tree, tempera

Just to be clear - acrylics = cool, tempera = not cool ... :)
So I did this picture, just to use the rest of tempera color I have, for training purposes. 
Anyway, I have to say, that I quite like the result especially the color gradient in the background. It´s a shame that my cheap tempera colors fade so quickly (almost immediately after usage)...
No reference used.

"Night tree"


Acrylic painting #2 - Abstraction

Hehe, I´m still smiling...:). I´ve bought a new spatula/slice  and decided to test it on my next acrylic painting - some abstraction, this time... There were a lot of inspirative pictures on internet so I had a nice vision how the result should look like. And here it is... :)
The result is definetly NOT according what I had in my mind before start. The spatule usage is not so intuitive as I thought...so I have to figure out what to do with the result,... keep it or give it to someone or repaint it... will see.
Anyway, enjoy :)
40x30 cm hardboard

Acrylics #2


My first acrylic painting !

Hoohoo, finaly! I´ve found some courage and painted my first real canvas with acrylic...
Quite small - 13x17 cm, but a tons of a new experience gained...:)
Next time I have to buy new and better small brush, it´s visible that black strokes with my current brush looks horrible...
Originaly I was afraid mainly about the gradient in background, but it wasn´t so hard...
I´m looking forward for something more bigger, next time... :)

  "Sunset bird"


Sword lady, digital sketch

So, finaly, I have a new tablet... Huion!!! I would like to write a review of it later. This is a first sketch I´ve done with this cool stuff. I still have to use to it, but no big deal...:)

Sword lady sketch


Knight with axe sketch + video

Here's a video with speed process of my quick sketching of Knight with axe. It took me around 35 minutes. Low detailed and not very good, but I would like to share it anyway... why not..? :)

Finished picture:


Sargent studdy

Trying to studdy some work from old masters. This time it is Sargent (left side:) ).
It was just quick experiment, 20 minutes. Perfection was not my goal, I was focusing mainly on brush strokes and colours. The result is more like sketch... 



Uriel - digital painting

This was originally just next digital training sketch, but I started to like it, so I spent a bit more time with it than usually. Anyway, I was trying to add some fantasy details, but it was a fail, maybe next time...
Used some reference picture from internet, mainly for inspiration.
I would really appritiate some comments... :)


Tough - tempera

I bought a basic set of tempera colours and started with experiments...I would like to try acrylics in the future, so this is just a preparation phase.
Standard office paper, format A4, several cheap brushes and 3 tempera colours. No reference used, I was just playing, doodling and messing arround... :)



So, here is a digital training sketch. It took me arround 1hour, used tablet wacom bamboo and photoshop...
I was experimenting with light, trying to create the feel that she is the light in darknes... but not sure if successfully. Aaand kind of old master look, but I gues there is needed to improve the brush strokes, a lot.
Anyway, the colour pallet is quite fine, I guess...
Anyway #2, it´s just training sketch, right?  :)
Here is the reference picture I´ve used for inspiration...


"Greenwall" - digital sketching practice

After a really long rime (several months) I've decided to try digital painting again. So I took my wacom bamboo tablet and started with some naked woman photo study. It was quite tough at the beginning because I felt quite rusty. The result is this rough sketch and I would say that it's not so bad... :)
Anyway, I feel more motivated now and definitely will try to use tablet more often...

"Greenwall" :)



This is currently my last portrait sketch. After a long time I decided to draw some more known face - Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction (Travolta)... :) Still not perfect, but I suppose the progress is visible.
I would say, that the value rendering is quite easy for me. The really challenging part is the preparation sketch, when I have to focus on proportions, pose, etc. If this is not done right, then the picture will never look good. It require a lot of practicing. ... so, I'm on my way...

Standard paper A5, kohinor pencils 7B, 2B and smudge tool, photoshop slightly used for some final customization


My own easel

I made my own easel. It has 3 legs and it is just slightly customizable. I suppose it could be a nice change for me.... not just sitting in front of monitor...will see how it will suite me... :)
I have to find out how to fix paper on the board, but I have some ideas already. Currently used just for drawing.


Last sketch

Hi, I´m still on my vacation and there is quite surprisingly lack of time for sketching, drawing and painting... :)
So here is just last quick sketch of some face from internet. A5, pencil B2, B5 and smudging stick.


Sketch on toned paper

Here is a portrait sketch from yesterdays evening. I've used A5 toned paper, B2 pencil and white pastel pencil. I know it looks sketchy and messy a lot, but I like the form and a real/3D look/feel (finally). I hope this could be my way... :)


Weekend sketch

This is my new weekend sketch done with KOH-I-NOOR black pencil "NEGRO". A4, 1 hour ish...
Used some picture from my favourite book about chiaroscuro as a reference..


Naked lady sketch

Sketch of the whole naked body after some time... on the paper it looks better, as usually... :) I know there are same issues, again, but,... you know... I lame... :)


Pen and ink

Here is a next experiment with ink pen and water brush. It's quite stylized portrait, maybe with some elements from manga style... :) I've used standard blue ink, but I have already purchased black ink.
Format A4, standard white paper. Picture taken by camera.


Dexter sketch

Next sketch. Dexter, 1,5 hour of work during watching some old Dexter episode, A5, pencil 2B and a liiitle bit of photoshop. I´m not very satisfied with the result, it will be better next time, I hope...


Hmong - chiaroscuro practicing

I was practicing the chiaroscuro technique during this weekend. I was using the red soft pastel pencil and standard A4 white paper, which is not perfect for this, but enough for me...
I was drawing according some picture of hmong man found in some magazine. The result is not very good, I know there are some issues, especially proportions...I need to practice more, for sure.
It took me around 1 hour.


Paful sketch

I was trying to practice the chiaroscuro technique, not sure if successful. Anyway, I like the result, even when the scan looks quite horrible. The original was made with pen on standard paper and looks a bit better. Next time I will try to make a picture with my camera.