Digital painting - "Rough beauty"

This digital painting was originally just some next portrait study, but I was continuously wondering how far I´m able to go. So I went through sketchy sketch into quite finished portrait then some more tweaks and here we go... :)  It´s still nothing really ultra cool :) but some progress is visible I hope...
Slightly inspired by Luis Royo and his art...

This girl doesn´r need any weapons, she´s rough and though enough just as she is... :)

Bellow you can see also some screens from the progress.

Painted with my Huion tablet, CS4, photo reference slightly used, and it took me two evenings...

"Rough beauty"

The progress pictures


Digital sketch - "Soft light"

Playing with colors/light and edges, trying to create some new fresh look. I´ve found really nice reference picture with sexy girl and started digital sketch. Took me two evenings,

Used my Huion tablet and CS4.

"Soft light"

WIP Steps


Quick digital sketch - "Red Passion"

Finally, some digital work with my tablet. Quick study sketch focused mainly on colors and edges. Nothing fancy, but at lease something... :)
Used some picture from internet as a reference.
Took me around 1 hour or so...

"Red passion"