Digital painting hangout results

Quite a long silence here, right? It's because I was not painting digitally a lot and was focusing mainly on painting with acrylics. 
Only works I  can show are these two pictures - results of digital painting hangouts (Czech).

The first one is from yesterdays hangout dedicated to study of mountains, rocks, stones and snow... 
I've learned some tricks with layers management and had to improve my sense for air perspective. Also colors were quite challenging. But I quite like the result... :)

This second one (last week) is focused on painting of multiple people, crowds, medieval army, etc... It was really challenge, I've never try this before. But I've found that's not so complicated. I was just following some basic rules like - composition, perspective, amount of details related to perspective.
Maybe you can see some weird big soldiers with guns in there... yep, those are snipers :) 


Acrylic painting "Red fire"

Next portrait done with acrylics on artistic carton A4 250g/m2. 
It´s fun and I´m really enjoying painting on the small size paper...
If you want to buy the original picture, just let me know...

"Red fire"



Acrylic painting "Shynee"

I had a free day today so I was trying to paint with acrylics. The result is the stylized portrait bellow, I call it "Shynee"... :) I was using some black and white picture for an inspiration, so colors are from my head... :)
It´s painted on A4 (21 x 29,5 cm) artistic hard acid free paper 250g/m2 with decent texture and its also already varnished with glossy varnish. It is signed by me and it could be easily framed and hanged on the wall. 
If anyone is interested enough then I can sell it for let´s say 10 USD + postage fees. Just let me know e.g. in comment...
Just FYI - I´m leaving for the weekend and will be available on Monday...



Digital sketch "Island shack" + hangout video

Result of yesterdays Digital painting hangout with Czech community group. The topic was focused on study of landscape with water. I have to say, that my picture was definitely the best, but it was quite challenge ... and fun, of course.

"Island shack"

And record of hangout (Czech)