My first acrylic painting !

Hoohoo, finaly! I´ve found some courage and painted my first real canvas with acrylic...
Quite small - 13x17 cm, but a tons of a new experience gained...:)
Next time I have to buy new and better small brush, it´s visible that black strokes with my current brush looks horrible...
Originaly I was afraid mainly about the gradient in background, but it wasn´t so hard...
I´m looking forward for something more bigger, next time... :)

  "Sunset bird"


Sword lady, digital sketch

So, finaly, I have a new tablet... Huion!!! I would like to write a review of it later. This is a first sketch I´ve done with this cool stuff. I still have to use to it, but no big deal...:)

Sword lady sketch


Knight with axe sketch + video

Here's a video with speed process of my quick sketching of Knight with axe. It took me around 35 minutes. Low detailed and not very good, but I would like to share it anyway... why not..? :)

Finished picture:


Sargent studdy

Trying to studdy some work from old masters. This time it is Sargent (left side:) ).
It was just quick experiment, 20 minutes. Perfection was not my goal, I was focusing mainly on brush strokes and colours. The result is more like sketch... 



Uriel - digital painting

This was originally just next digital training sketch, but I started to like it, so I spent a bit more time with it than usually. Anyway, I was trying to add some fantasy details, but it was a fail, maybe next time...
Used some reference picture from internet, mainly for inspiration.
I would really appritiate some comments... :)


Tough - tempera

I bought a basic set of tempera colours and started with experiments...I would like to try acrylics in the future, so this is just a preparation phase.
Standard office paper, format A4, several cheap brushes and 3 tempera colours. No reference used, I was just playing, doodling and messing arround... :)