Digital auto-portrait #2

After some time of silence...here we come... :) 
This time I created digital portrait of myself. It's not super precise but the likeness is there. Anyway, I was focusing mainly on the technique and color richness. I would like to get more abstraction there and also impression-like result. But I have some issue with this, maybe I'm to much focused on the reality. I have to work on it a bit harder.
Done with my Huion tablet + CS4 and It took me two evenings. 
Hope somebody will like it...:]


Digital portrait - Minjam

After a long time some new portrait again. I was trying to get a bit "clasic" oil like look, :). I have to experiment more with colors.
Anyway, I really like portraits of old masters where the face is coming into the light from deep dark.
This picture took me around 1,5 hour, used cs4 with my Huion tablet. Some reference picture slightly used for inspiration.



Morning - digital painting

Here is the new digital painting, (there is just fake canvas texture underneath). Not very happy with the result, - especially with the anatomy, but I learned several interesting things, I would like to use the new knowledge in same next work. Attached also some steps of my working process..

I would appreciate some comments...




Island town sketch

Here is my last "traditional" work...quick sketch of nice small town on a small island...reference in some travel magazine slightly used...
A5, ink pen, water brush, red watercolor...

Island town sketch


Night tree, tempera

Just to be clear - acrylics = cool, tempera = not cool ... :)
So I did this picture, just to use the rest of tempera color I have, for training purposes. 
Anyway, I have to say, that I quite like the result especially the color gradient in the background. It´s a shame that my cheap tempera colors fade so quickly (almost immediately after usage)...
No reference used.

"Night tree"


Acrylic painting #2 - Abstraction

Hehe, I´m still smiling...:). I´ve bought a new spatula/slice  and decided to test it on my next acrylic painting - some abstraction, this time... There were a lot of inspirative pictures on internet so I had a nice vision how the result should look like. And here it is... :)
The result is definetly NOT according what I had in my mind before start. The spatule usage is not so intuitive as I thought...so I have to figure out what to do with the result,... keep it or give it to someone or repaint it... will see.
Anyway, enjoy :)
40x30 cm hardboard

Acrylics #2