Digital painting - "Olga"

Playing with tablet. colors and CS4 filters. There was some reference picture at the beginning but later just working according to my fantasy. Still not able to get the impressionistic look I want, but I´m not trying to hard... :)


"Olga" :)


Pencil sketches

I don´t have much update to share, so here you can see few quick pencil sketches from my recent sketchbook (A5).
I know that my drawing sucks and I need to practice more. Maybe I´m a small bit better with colors... :) I hope...


Acrylics painting - "Space abstraction"

Here is my next acrylics painting done as a "commission"
30x40cm hard board, I would like to varnish it later, it's still not completely dry...
I have to find out how to do splatters more efficiently.... :]
It was a fun...

"Space abstraction"


Digital portrait - "Lady sparkle"

Digital portrait again :). Done with limited color pallet and trying to eliminate the looseness.
I´m really not sure what to say more about this picture, maybe that I was trying to add there also some interesting atmosphere - sparkles... :)

Took me around 2 hours, done in CS4 with Huion tablet, some photo reference used.

"Lady sparkle"


Acrylics painting - "Bobik"

Here is my last still life acrylics painting. I was using plush toy called "Bobik" as a model. It was my first real still life acrylics painting session ever...:) 
You can see the result below  + some work in progress pictures...
I would try to make it more abstract and more colorful next time.
Painted on 20x30 cm (A4) sololit (hardboard) witch acrylics gesso as a baseline. I was using regular pencil for sketch drawing, it is still visible in few places, need to avoid it next time...


WIP - first color layer 

 WIP - almost done

The model :)