Acrylic painting "Autumn river"

Hi there! :)
I was wondering that I should paint some "fine real art" after some time... so I took a stretched canvas I had bought a long time ago, fancy acrylic colors, my best brushes and here it is... :)
Autumn topic is quite suitable these days.

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas 30x40 cm, varnished and signed.... and reserved right away...:)
The colors of the photo may differ a bit from the original, that´s because there is a lack of solid day light...

"Autumn river" 



Digital painting "Hulkbuster"

There was a digital painting hangout during this weekend and the topic was "machines". So I've decided to paint some robot stuff, accidentally found a screencap from the last Avengers movie.
I'm not a big fan of Avengers but the Hulkbuster armor in action was really great, maybe the best scene in the whole film... :)
So here comes my digital painting. It's not very constructive precise thing, it was my standard painterly sketching messy process ... :)  + some after effects...


You can also check the hangout recording bellow (Czech language):
Digital painting hangout [CZ] #36


Digital painting "Echo"

I was wondering that maybe I can try to paint a man - just to differentiate the work a bit... :)
So, no beautiful girl/lady today... enjoy the big and tough guy... :)

Used Huion and CS4


the early stage of wip...


Digital sketch "Wedding fireworks"

Here comes quick update, simple digital sketch based on wedding photo (provided by my colleague) created during Digital painting hangout.
It turned out that these painting hangouts have more participants when they are planned on weekends. So let's hope that we will keep the momentum... :)

Attached also the recording of the hangout, (Czech language)

"Wedding fireworks"