Naked lady sketch

Sketch of the whole naked body after some time... on the paper it looks better, as usually... :) I know there are same issues, again, but,... you know... I lame... :)


Pen and ink

Here is a next experiment with ink pen and water brush. It's quite stylized portrait, maybe with some elements from manga style... :) I've used standard blue ink, but I have already purchased black ink.
Format A4, standard white paper. Picture taken by camera.


Dexter sketch

Next sketch. Dexter, 1,5 hour of work during watching some old Dexter episode, A5, pencil 2B and a liiitle bit of photoshop. I´m not very satisfied with the result, it will be better next time, I hope...


Hmong - chiaroscuro practicing

I was practicing the chiaroscuro technique during this weekend. I was using the red soft pastel pencil and standard A4 white paper, which is not perfect for this, but enough for me...
I was drawing according some picture of hmong man found in some magazine. The result is not very good, I know there are some issues, especially proportions...I need to practice more, for sure.
It took me around 1 hour.


Paful sketch

I was trying to practice the chiaroscuro technique, not sure if successful. Anyway, I like the result, even when the scan looks quite horrible. The original was made with pen on standard paper and looks a bit better. Next time I will try to make a picture with my camera.