Digital painting "Rick" from Walking dead

Here comes next guy from Walking dead series - the main character"Rick". Though, brave, smart and definitely good guy.
I was starting this painting as a black and white study and planning to add color later. But I´ve decided not to use color at the end. You can see just a touch of red blood in the background...
Maybe you can notice also chromatic aberration effect,... just small experiment... :)

I took me two evenings, used Huion tablet, CS4 and screencap as a reference...

Comments are welcomed...



Digital painting "Balin" from Hobit + hangout

Here comes result of my weekend experiment - Digital painting on Google hangout. I was trying to check how the hangout works and challenge myself... :)
You can see the archived record on youtube bellow. I really enjoyed the whole thing and I would definitely try it again soon. I will announce it here, so everybody will be aware beforehand.
My commentary in English is really bad so this is something I have improve next time...:)

It took me around 1 hour, used CS4 and Huion tablet



Quick digital sketch "B25 under fire"

Sometimes I need to focus also on something else than just portraits, this time my favouritte bomber B-25. Really quick sketch with several references. There´s also an enemy aircraft attacking in background...

Really not easy to paint this technical stuff for me, but I would say, that the results is not so bad... :)

Used CS4 and Huion tablet. It´s in quite high resolution, you can use it also as wallpaper if you like :)

"B25 under fire"


Quick digital sketch "Red cape"

I was practicing also portrait painting, so here you can see the quick digital sketch of nice and not completely naked girl ... :)
+ Recoreded video with the process. It is speed up several times and also end with final corrections and touches is missing.

It took me arround 1 hour and it´s quite messy and it is definitely NOT my masterpiece, I need to practice more... :)

CS4, Huion tablet and some photo reference...

"Red cape"


Digital painting "Glenn" from Walking dead

Here comes next fan art digital painting for Walking dead series (again) this time welcome Glenn !
I was trying to get more "finished" look, it took me not much more time than my usual digital sketches, but I had to focus on my brush work more. The result was a bit surprising even for me... :)
It looks quite realistic, but I swear that there was no photo tracing or some "cheating" techniques, maybe just a little bit of photoshop postprocessing like color adjustment, gradient mapping, noise addition, etc...

Took me around 2 hours, used CS4 and Huion tablet and screenshot from the Walking dead series...
No video this time...
Comments and tips for next character are welcomed.



Digital sketch "Amy"

I´ve decided that I really need to practice more, so I´m trying to do these digital studies, filling my paper sketchbook and preparation of canvases for acrylic painting is in progress... :)

Here is the recent digital portrait sketch called Amy. Took me around 40 minutes or so and finally - I was recording video of the progress. Even now I see what could be done in different way, let´s hope that I will keep it in my mind during the next session... :) Most of all I don´t like the dark/almost black color on the skin...

Created in CS4 with my Huion tablet. This great photo was my inspiration...


Video with the progress


Digital painting "Sheldon" from Big Bang Theory

And the show goes on... :) next portrait related to favourite series - Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory,
I have to focus more on edges, soft and hard and sometimes lost... really not easy. Also playing with colors to gain more harmony... not sure if successfully. 
Again, I´ve forgot some work in progress pictures, so maybe next time...

CS4, Huion tablet and some screencap from the series.



Digital painting "Sergeant" from Walking dead

First piece of my "fan art" series... :) Sergeant Abraham Ford from Walking dead. Even I don´t really like him he looks like quite tough guy... :) Finally someone who enjoys killing of walkers :)
Feel free to comment. 

Done with my tablet Huion, CS4



First digital study in the New year :)

After some time... here comes the new year. My wish is to paint more and better... :)
Here is my digital study of traditional painting reference. I´ve lost the link to the original picture... shame on me...
I was trying to catch the color and the traditional looseness. Added also texture of canvas, just for effect...

Done in CS4, Huion tablet, 1 hour of study work...

"Woman in black" by me