Acrylic portrait "David"

Here comes the acrylic portrait of my colleague David. He was surprised that I´m a secret painter :), so he gave me simple task (quest :) to paint his portrait. And he was happy with the result...he gave me quite expensive bottle of Rum...mmmmm

I was playing with colors and experimenting with technique and it was really fun...

Acrylic on hardboard 30x25cm, done through one weekend., you can see also picture from "work in progress" bellow...


"David" WIP


Digital portrait "Peter"

I´ve accidentally found nice movember picture of my colleague and friend Peter. I made a quick digital sketch and I was wondering if I should proceed somehow... but you know, I´m a lazy guy, so I made just few adjustments with colors and here comes the new "impressionistic" look... :)

Huion tablet, CS4, 40 minutes. and the photo reference


The original sketch