Digital sketch "Morgan" from Walking dead

There was Digital painting hangout last night and here you can see my work from there... digital sketch portrait of Morgan from Walking dead series.
I can´t wait for the next season, will be coming soon.... yaaayee

Huion tablet + CS4



Acrylic sketches + video

I have a new sketchbook for this year and I´m using it also for sketches witch acrylic paint. Here you can see two quick studies of paintings from Johannes Vloothuis (as I have a book from him).
Nothing fancy, main focus was on colors, simplify and values...

 I was trying to stream the progress on my stream channel. You can check the speed up recording.


Digital portrait illustrations for a book

I was looking for some new challenge so I started to work on illustrations for fantasy books "Kult Hada" and "Síla duše" written by Czech writer Petra Dragita Machova
I created digital portraits of two main characters and maybe I will come also with some "proper" illustration in the near future.
The book is currently shared on internet, so will see if it will be also printed (with my illustrations I hope:) 
It´s really great new experience to work with the author and discuss all the aspects related to painting...

So behold, here comes Eve and Gar...




I´m streaming !

I has been doing some research during few last weeks about streaming, streamers and related stuff. I am quite excite about this so I decided to try it too. 
You can check my new streaming channel here - twitch.tv/ultrajaryn , there is also active thumbnail on this blog, top of the right side panel.
I´m going to stream my painting process, usually between 20:30 and 23:00 so you can check whats going on...:)  Currently it´s commented in Czech language, I will try English in the future, maybe. It´s watchable even without sound... :)

Here you can check recorded first stream, it´s speed up 16x so it´s not so boring... :)

Here is the current state of the picture:


My new easel and experiments with acrylic

Welcome in the New year 2016. Here comes some blog update after the Xmas long pause...

Portable plain air easel
I was working on my new transportable easel - I would like to focus on plain air paintings this year, so I need to prepare proper gear for it...  Base of the easel is a standard portable camera tripod, the rest are mainly hardboard parts made by me. No rocket science, just check the picture...

Acrylic sketches
Here comes some traditional landscape pictures, I was mostly experimenting with different types of acrylic paint and some techniques.
I´ve  also started new sketchbook for these color experiments. Nothing fancy, just a standard paper, will see how it will handle all the paint...

The first one was painted according my photo reference from Beskydy - Valassko. 22x17cm

"Strom na Javornicku"

work in progress

And just training/experiment painting of a tree. A4

"Stromek" :)