Digital sketch "Backline"

I was inspired by several interesting tutorials about airbrushing methods with photoshop, so I´ve decided to give it a try. I was really surprised how quickly is possible to render human body with soft edges.
I will definitely practice it more.
The picture you can see below took me around 40minutes, some reference photo from internet was used.
It´s not perfect anatomy study, that´s for sure, but it was a first try and really like the result.
Next time I would like to record the process or some steps at least.



Older digital sketch "Destiny"

I´ve found one a bit older forgotten digital sketch on my HDD...nothing fancy. So, I´ve decided to post it here because a lack of new pieces...
I call it Destiny, don´t remember when, why and how I did this...



Some sketches

The weather is hot and it´s not easy to paint/draw for me. Here is some update after some time. Nothing fancy, just few shots from my sketchbook.

Portrait sketch of some girl from internet 

 Just doodling around, trying to find some inspiration

Sketch touched with tempera colors.