Acrylic painting "Kopecek"

I´m improving my traditional painting skills with acrylic paint and also trying to focus more on impressionistic style, left some details behind and be more loose.
Also experimenting with new brand of paint....

This picture is inspired by small chapel close to "Saint small hill" :) , nice place for a short trip. 
Acrylic colors on hardboard 250g/m2 , A4




Digital painting "Kytka"

My result from yesterdays digital painting hangout. Maybe it´s my first painting of flower ever :)
It was quite a challenge, especially colors and light.



Digital painting "Nighty"

There was a digital painting hangout yesterday and this is my result...
I can see there few issues which were not so obvious yesterday during the session, but it is just training study without some deeper idea... right? :)
These painting hangouts in Czech language are going to be quite popular but for the English hangouts it's a different story. I would say that the biggest problem are different time zones of possible participants...
Feel free to check the g+ community "Digital painting hangouts [ENG]"


Hangout archive video (Czech language)


Digital sketch "Sitting" + video

Once upon a time there was a nice evening and I was wandering what to do. Finally I plugged my tablet Huion in and started to sketch some nice girl/woman according some random reference picture. I started also a google hangout on air to stream the progress and archive it....
So here it is... :)
If you like the idea of watching the art stream or you would like to join and enjoy the fun then feel free to add me into your circles or join my community Digital painting hangouts [ENG].

"Sitting" digital sketch

Hangout video


Acrylic painting "Imp forest"

Next painting related to study of impressionistic style of Hashim Akib, as mentioned in previous post. This time it´s not so loose and impress, there is a bit more details. It was fun (again) and I really like the color from under-painting shining here and there... :)

Acrylics colors on A4 hardboard 250g/m2.

"Imp forest" 



Acrylic painting "Imp tree"

I´ve bought very inspirational book "Vibrant Acrylics" from Hashim Akib, so I was practicing with acrylics. The picture below is one of my first attempts. My intent was not to just blindly follow the instructions but also experiment with my own way...
The result is not super cool but I really like it, I was surprised how the underpainting makes a difference and impact of different brush strokes...the overall impressionist and sketchy look.. :)

Here comes the result - A4 hardboard 250g/m2, my own reference

"Imp tree"


Acrylic painting "Kopretiny"

Here comes my "traditional" acrylic painting (two paintings actually) of this week called "Kopretiny"...:). Finally something different than portraits... It was quite fun, especially the background. I was experimenting with acrylic thinner - you can see those red and blue tones in the background...
It's mostly decorative piece and ready to sell.

2x A4 artistic hardboard 250g/m2 , (before split)


detail #1

detail #2