Acrylics painting - "Duo"

Quite quick and a bit abstract acrylic painting on 30x40 cm board done today. 
I called it "Duo".
Not signed yet



Digital painting - Angel Batista

Here comes some more known face...:) Digital portrait of Angel Batista from the Dexter series. 
I don´t know why, but it was quite easy to paint this. I´ve started with colors blocking and then continued with smoothing and details. I was also trying to add more texture with the fake grain. You can see the progress in attached picture. It was really just those three steps...

This picture took me around 2 hours (during two evenings sitting), slightly used screen capture from one Dexter´s episode. Completely done in CS4 with Huion tablet.
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"Angel Batista" 

Progress steps


Digital auto-portrait #3

Next digital auto portrait, took me 1 hour... quite funny story related to this picture...:)
I was wondering that it would be nice to try paint a landscape or still life this time. Don´t know how, bot it turned into this portrait...
Not very fancy, but I like the light setup. Reference photo used.

"Auto-portrait #3"


Quick portrait sketch before dinner

Quick sketch when I was waiting for a dinner. I know it is not very precise according the reference, but I don´t care...it was caused by the hunger... :)
I would like to update and paint over it with temperas or acrylics later...

"Hunger sketch" :)


The Weekly Challenge: Secret Project

Something new for me...really out of my comfort zone...
no reference used, just messing around with several brushes, looks quite rough
took me less than 1 hour ---> speedpaint  :)

"Secret Project"


Quick portrait sketch with tempera

I would like to focus more on traditional painting. So I did this quick (less than 1 hour) portrait sketch with cheap school tempera colors (black and white) and standard office paper. The result is not perfect but I would say that it is not so bad for first try... :)
Picture from some magazine was used as a reference.




Quick painting - "Carl" from Walking dead

I saw the last episode of the Walking dead yesterday and I had a feeling that I really have to paint something related to this series. So here is¨a quick painting of "Carl" with his rifle... no zombies in sight ... :)
I´m not completely sure about the likeness.
Took me less than 2 hours.
Enjoy :)
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And some WIP here:


"Red dream" digital painting

Something new here...next digital portrait. Simply I can´t live without it... :)
Painted in gray scale and then added colors - it´s quite easy process but I feel I should work more with the color and try to use it directly...
It took me around 3 hours, done with my Huion tablet and CS4.
Reference picture slightly used.

"Red dream"