Digital portrait "Anena"

Here comes a digital portrait after quite a long time. I was trying to use mostly just soft brush and sharpening tool (when needed). I would say, that I´m almost confident with gray values and need to work more with colors. And keep practicing with forms...
Even though I spent two evenings with this picture (around 4hours) details are not very detailed.. :)
Used some photo reference and my Huion tablet + CS4.
Enjoy  and feel free to comment

P.S. Don´t ask me from where the name came from...:)



Acrylics painting "Na Javornicku"

Here is my recent acrylics painting of small forest chapel "Na Javornicku". 
Used acrylic paintings, hardboard 30x40cm.

You can see also work in progress picture bellow. I´ve started with red underpainting but I feel that the expected effect was not achieved. I have to learn a lot...

 "Na Javoricku"



Digital study of skull

Digital study of skull from reference...
Not very detailed, spent around 1,5 hour, just gray scale.
I was not focusing on proportions but on values and edges...


Digital sketch - "Swamp fighter"

I was trying to create something different than usually. Playing with soft edged brushes, trying to be as loose as possible. Just my fantasy and fun...nothing fancy...
The result is a loose sketch, I think that values are not very well, there was no preparation sketch or thumbnail...
So,.. enjoy the swamp fighter... :)

Created with CS4, Huion tablet, no reference, 1 hour

"Swamp fighter"


Digital sketch - "Ergo"

Here is digital sketch after some time, just to have update... :)
Took me more time than I expected, but still looking so messy. I need to focus more...
Used some photo reference from internet.
Created with CS4 and Huion tablet...