Walking dead tribute - digital sketch comics

Here comes my comics experiment. I´ve created few digital sketches from the Walking dead series. Few really badass words placed in sketchy pictures... :)
Full resolution view is needed.


Digital sketch "Old hat"

Usually I have a rule - don´t draw/paint kids. It´s not because I have something against them, but mostly because it´s really hard work to catch the likeness and parents are always not satisfied :)
Anyway this is just another quick digital sketch with reference picture from our family album. 
I was experimenting with some brush settings and soft/hard edges, also a smudge tool, etc...
And, I have to say I like the result. Maybe it´s quite rough but that´s probably why I like it... :)

Took me less than 1 hour, used CS4 and Huion tablet... 

"Old hat"


Few traditional sketches from my sketchbook

I would like to share these three traditional sketches from my sketchbook, just to have some update.
Nothing fancy, just studies. Format usually smaller than A5.

Pencil study of some painting, checking for values and edges.

Quick portrait study from some photo reference, tempera colors used (just black/white)

Pencil study of some painting again.