Digital sketch "Hangout beauty"

I've scheduled Digital painting hangout for English speakers yesterday and I was looking forward to chat with other digital painters in English online... (on Air)
The sad true is, that no one came.... and I'm really not sure why. Maybe because of different time zones, not sure how the time is represented by google+. 
If you have some tips or tricks how to manage it and be more successful next time then just let me know...

Anyway, here is my result picture - I would call it digital sketch - and also record of the session...

If you would like to join the related google+ community and participate just check this link.

"Hangout beauty"

Hangout session


Digital sketch "lying"

Some quick update after a loooong time... 
- I'm too busy
- I'm too lazy  :(
- Too nice whether outside
- trying to work more traditionally 
- etc... :)

So here comes result of yesterdays Digital painting hangout , I would call it sketch. I was talking too much, so the result is not very sophisticated... :)

Adding also recorded hangout, done in Czech language mostly.



Digital study of Sargent´s "Charles"

This is a result of yesterdays Czech digital painting hangout focused on study of portraits from "old masters"... This time it is "Charles Woodbury" from John Singer Sargent.
It was very interesting, especially colors. I had issues to identify those blue-purple and red-purple tones...
I would like to use gained knowledge in some of my own paintings...


Digital painting hangout (CZ)

And one more color study of Sargent, done during some previous hangout...