"Refuser" - digital painting

My new digital painting. Again started as a regular study, but later added also colors. I hope, that the blood is adding also some kind of dynamic into the picture.
Done with Huion tablet, CS4, few hours.  and reference picture.
Attached also work in progress screenshot.


Initial sketch, WIP


Digital training sketches

Two quick digital sketches done for training purposes. I was also trying to use limited pallet, just 4 gray colors.

aaand... updated with colors...just for fun... :)


Digital painting - "Waiting"

Digital painting according reference. Originally done in gray-scale but I added there also some colors. I don´t like the "dirty" look of shadows, but I have to find out how to blend it better or how to work with colors more efficiently.
There will be slight update of this picture in the future maybe, I would like to add some more interesting background... will see.
Done in CS4 with my Huion tablet, 2 evenings (around 4 hours)



Digitally colored traditional pencil sketch

I made a small sketch with friend of mine "Saki", just to investigate the form. Later I found out that I like it, so made a photo and put into a Photoshop. Then I played with tablet and colors upside of the original sketch and it turned out into quite nice result. It´s quite messy but I like it and hope that my friend will like it too.

Inicial pencil sketch

Final colored sketch


Digital painting - Hannah

I was trying to add more "deep" with the stress on the focal point - blurred background and foreground. Not completely sure about the colors.
Also trying to let visible some of my brush strokes and still not satisfied with the result.
Done in photoshop and Huion tablet, used photo reference from internet.



Digital sketch - Jade

Digital sketch of this evening. Done with my tablet Huion and CS4, took me around 1 hour, some picture from internet used for reference. It is mostly training sketch, I was experimenting with some new brushes, but the basic default simple brush is still most useful. 
As I said, it is just a sketch, not very detailed and could be more accurate...