Digital portrait "Turk"

Finally something else than speedpaint from hangout.. :)
This digital portrait is inspired by movie Dracula Untold, there you can see this Turkish soldier...
The reference was a screencap from the movie...
It´s much less work to paint someones profile than the front view... :)

Used CS4, tablet Huion, 2 hours (maybe)...



Digital painting "Green ruins" + hangout video

I've decided to paint landscape/forest after loong time...:) It was done during yesterdays google hangout session, 2 hours, Czech language, two participants (including me) and one reference picture.
The picture is small and low resolution, shame on me... 

"Green ruins"


Digital sketch "Last one standing"

This time I was trying to do something completely different. I had a reference just for very early baseline (pose, anatomy) and then my creativity/fantasy was involved in the process. So I´ve created a mood, scene, background, foreground, and a bit of story...  something completely different than my usual studies...
The result is just ugly and messy sketch, but it was quite big step for me and a lot of fun... I would like to work this way more in the future... to give some sense/story to my pictures...

"Last one standing"


Digital painting "Sakura Princess" + hangout video

There was next hangout session yesterday evening, there were four active participants and we were doing digital study (quick painting) of the same reference photo - Sakura Princess.
It took 2 hours and it was fun all the way... :) We were talking Czech, but there was no "serious" discussion anyway,... so you can turn off the sound.. :)
Feel free to join our google group, so you will be notified/invited to next session... if you are interested...

You can check my result in the picture below, it is not super done, there are some details I would correct if I had more time.

"Sakura Princess" by Jaroslav


Digital painting "Dracula´s wife" + hangout video

I was organizing google hangout about digital painting with guys from forum. It was done in Czech but you can check the progress anyway. It took around 2 hours and it was really great fun and interesting experience to see and hear the others.
So feel free to briefly check the video, even without sound.
My result could be visible in the picture below. It is a digital portrait of Dracula´s wife from quite new movie "Dracula untold". The reference picture was a screenshot. I was trying to do it nice and colorful, it is not completely finished, as you can see there are missing some details. Maybe...I´ll finish it in the future...

If you have any tips about the topic for my next painting, feel free to give me a comment. I would like also to practice my English, so I can do next hangout with English commentary... :)

 "Dracula´s wife"

Recorded hangout session (CZ)


Digital sketch practice "Red Beauty" + hangout video

Here is just next digital sketching session to keep me going... shared and recorded by the google hangout feature...no sound this time.

CS4, tablet Huion, photo reference and 1h30minutes

"Red Beauty"

Acrylic sketch "Blue Venice"

I was experimenting with new materials, technique and process. This sketch is painted on hard paper (cut from frozen pizza box :) ) 25x25cm which was covered with white gesso. 
It is completely painted by pallet knife using just 5 acrylic colors. My intent was to get more simplified impressionistic look. The biggest issue was the perspective (as usual).

I was using photo of Venice found in some journal as a reference. It took me around 2 hours and it was fun. I would like to continue in this sketching activity (still have some free pizza boxes :) )

 "Blue Venice"