Digital painting "Dracula´s wife" + hangout video

I was organizing google hangout about digital painting with guys from forum. It was done in Czech but you can check the progress anyway. It took around 2 hours and it was really great fun and interesting experience to see and hear the others.
So feel free to briefly check the video, even without sound.
My result could be visible in the picture below. It is a digital portrait of Dracula´s wife from quite new movie "Dracula untold". The reference picture was a screenshot. I was trying to do it nice and colorful, it is not completely finished, as you can see there are missing some details. Maybe...I´ll finish it in the future...

If you have any tips about the topic for my next painting, feel free to give me a comment. I would like also to practice my English, so I can do next hangout with English commentary... :)

 "Dracula´s wife"

Recorded hangout session (CZ)

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