Digital sketch dump

Here are some digital sketches done during last few days, there was not time and will to put them here separately. Moreover, it's nothing fancy, no big deal, just quick sketches...

"Blue and Red"

"Digital weather"

The last one is experiment with Krita , I've found out that the issue related to Huion drivers is probably solved...yaaeeey, so I can use Krita also on my main PC.

"Ukraine soldier"


Digital painting "Tomas"

I´m still digital portraits addict... :) so here is the next piece... digital portrait of my colleague Tomas. I hope he don´t mind... :)
Maybe it´s more sketchy and I know about many possible improvements e.g. hair , but I was quite tired and I wanted to have it finished...

I have also video recording of the progress, but just the first part (session) because the second part recording failed and I noticed it when it was too late.

Done with my Huion tablet, CS4, photo own photo reference and it took two sessions (evenings).



Digital painting "Red Alfa"

Here comes my recent digital painting "Red Alfa" - I was wondering about the name longer than usual... :) It started just like digital sketching with photo reference, just to rump up after a long digital inactivity. But I was not able to stop...so it´s quite finished painting, I guess... 
Just low resolution, I know it´s a shame...

Done with Huion and CS4, took me two sessions (evenings)...

"Red Alfa"

work in progress


Acrylic painting "Lighthouse"

Here comes acrylic painting of this weekend - "Lighthouse"... no more comments needed, I guess.

Painted with acrylic colors on Canson cardboard 400g/m2, sealed with glossy varnish. Size of the picture is 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch , and could be easily framed.
Signed in right bottom corner and added also few notes on the backside.

I would like to try sell this painting through this website, use the "Buy now" button below if you are interested. Prize is just 20 USD and it is Free shipping this time...



Digital painting "Karkulka a lovec"

The crazy hot weather is gone (I hope) so I'm back in action :) I've missed painting a lot.
Here comes my result from Digital painting hangout. Main focus was on contrast and point of interest. I was painting according my own reference photo taken during my vacation in Beskydy - really nice hills. 
You can see there also hunter and Red riding hood (Karkulka) just to add there some story and tension :)
My painted landscape was used also by the rest of hangout participants as a baseline for their own "stories". It was fun...

Done with Huion, CS4

"Karkulka a lovec"

reference photo

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