Digital sketching "firebombs"

I was trying to distinguish the effort and work on multiple pictures in parallel. The advantage is that my ayes have not chance become accustomed to one picture.and stays fresh for a longer time (just my theory). Also trying to play with colors a bit...
There is the same model in both pictures, original photo reference from thefirebomb .

Done with CS4 and Huion tablet


Acrylic sketch "First frost"

Quick and small acrylic sketch from imagination - just for fun. Nothing special but I like it, not sure why exactly... :)
Just wanted to share...

 "First frost"


Acrylic painting "Zako" + Video

Finally, some "proper" traditional painting after a long time. This is the African grey parrot (Zako) painted as a "commission" for my wife...as a compensation that we can´t have it as an living bird.

You can see quick digital study made during a last digital painting hangout and also the video with the painting progress.

Here it comes...acrylics on canvas 40x30cm, (will be varnished)


Quick digital study

Video with the process: