"Little angel" from hangout

Here comes a result of the hangout painting session...kind of Christmas topic... :)
It was not so easy as I was expecting. Some reference from internet used for inspiration, I´m quite happy with the light...
You can check also recording of the whole session in Czech language...

Created with CS4 and Huion 610 tablet


Digital sketch "Space girl" from recent hangout

There was a next Digital painting hangout this week, I was painting kind of photo study of nice girl. The result was my regular sketch but I tuned it a bit during Saturday evening...

"Space girl"



Sasha from Walking dead + speedpaint video

Here comes my fanart digital painting of Sasha from Walking dead series created during my previous stream.
You can check also speed up video recording of the process below.



My first digital sketch of horse ever

There was a next Digital painting hangout session in Czech language yesterday evening and it was really fun. We had also several viewers which were communication via chat window. Really cool.
I was sketching a horse based on some reference photo. I would say that this was actually the first time I was painting a horse. I have quite a big respect for these animals. :)

Hangout in Czech language


Digital portrait "Sejbik" + speedpaint video

Digital portrait of youtuber guy called Sejbik. Included also speedpaint video with Czech commentary where I´m  explaining the whole story around this picture...



Digital sketch "Squatter"

Here comes a digital sketch of squatter squirrel from the hangout session yesterday. 
It was inspired by some photo reference. I was playing with colors and it was fun. 
Not very precise perspective ... as always...



"Ladygun" speedpaint video

Here comes a speedpaint video for the previous picture. There is also a commentary in Czech language, but you can switch it off if you like...


Digital sketch "Ladygun"

Digital sketch of lady with gun created before going to bed tonight... :)
Nothing fancy, photoreference used. I wanted to paint some nice girl with a gun, but it´s not easy to find some useful reference... the face is the only thing which suggest that you are looking at a girl...military costumes are not very sexy...I guess...:)

I was streaming the whole process on my channel - https://www.twitch.tv/ultrajaryn , you can follow and monitor it to see when I´ll be streaming again... :)
There will be also a speedpaint video later...



Digital painting "Ovula"

Result of my work during a digital painting hangout session with Czech guys...
Inspired by color technique of Marco Bucci.



Another bird digital sketch

aand next one... a bit more messy, mostly because I was discussing with my stream audience...
I´m trying to stream more often these days... you can check my Twitch channel...


"Yellow bird! digital sketch

This one was done during my stream on twitch. I was focusing on colors too much...
Used photo reference, CS4 and Huion tablet...

"Yellow bird"


"Arkay" speedpaint video

And here comes the speedpaint video of the process from previous picture.
8x speed up
No commentary


"Arkay" digital portrait

I was asked by my art colleague, friend and fun ...:) ... for a portrait, just to have some different topic than just nice girls :) so, why not...? Challenge accepted and here it comes.
I was streaming the process so there will be also a speedpaint video later.

Took me around 2 hours. Created in CS4 and Huion tablet.



"Bikini" speedpaint video

And here comes a speedpaint video with short English commentary,.. related to previous sketch...

Enjoy and let me know if you like the idea with hangouts...


"Bonsai" speedpaint video

And here is the speedpaint video as mentioned in previous post. There is a spoken commentary in Czech language, if you don't understand then you can just mute it...:)


"Bonsai" digital sketch

I really wanted to make some change and paint something different than usual. So I´ve fund some reference photo with bonsai and painted this picture based on that...
My intent was to create some sense of movement - blowing wind... but not sure if successfully.
Anyway it was fun, I was streaming the process and there will be also a speedpaint video from the recording later.

Created with Huion and CS4



"Bikiny" from the hangout

This one was created during digital painting hangout yesterday evening... There is almost whole process recorded in the video below.
If anyone would like to join, paint and chat together (Czech or English) then just let me know and I can manage it... :)



Picture from hangout "Bubak"

There was a next Digital painting hangout (CZ) session. I've started with nice girl photo study, but it was not very entertaining so I switched into some free doodling work... :) After a few minutes playing with brushes colors and composition ...this idea below appeared...
Nothing fancy, just a concept but it was fun...

The story behind is kind of daemon or ghost warrior is scared of small mouse, the scene is located in some cave or underground place... something like that ... :)

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital sketch "Purple"

Picture created during Digital painting hangout (CZ) session yesterday evening. I was playing with more traditional brush and was trying to use pleasing colors... :)



Digital portrait "Stella"

Just another digital painting practice turned out into nice portrait. I was just loosely experimenting with colors. There was some photo reference but I using it only at beginning, likeness was not what I was looking for...
 It took me two evenings sessions and you can see the final picture. I was streaming it so I have a record of the work and you can enjoy a next speed paint video in the future...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital sketch "Lucern" + video

Here comes result of 1 hour sketching session - mostly photo study. I was also streaming it so also video record was available. You can see the speed up video based on that + commentary (Czech language)...



Digital sketch "Armored" + hangout video

This is a result from next Digital painting hangout (CZ) session. It started as a usual photo reference study, but it turned into own loose painting where the reference was used only as an initial baseline.
It's still sketchy but I like to final look. It was definitely fun...

If you like the hangout idea, feel free to join the Facebook group... I'm pretty sure we can handle also other languages than Czech... :)



Digital photo study "Sekerak" + hangout (CZ)

Digital study from a reference photo made during a Digital paining hangout (Czech language).
I was quite surprised by the result, I suppose it was a great reference. There could be added a lot of details and maybe also few corrections, but I will not touch the picture again (for now)



John Snow vs Dead King sketch

Quick sketch in the middle of working day...:) I just had to...:)

"John Snow vs Dead King"


Acrylic sketch "Barevnacka"

Aaaand one moooore... acrylic sketch in my sketchbook, I just wanted to use remaining paint on my palet before it will dry...

Barevnacka = colorful girl  :)



Next Acrylic sketches

There was still some acrylic color remaining on the pallet after previous sketching session, so I was just continuing in sketching.
I was using some black and white reference pictures so colors are my invention... :)
Maybe you can notice cold lights and warm shadows scheme...



Acrylic sketch "Blue queen"

Acrylic sketch of this weekend. Experimenting with colors and skin tones in my sketchbook and the Blue queen was born... :)
The face is so small that I had issues even with my smallest brush. So it´s not very representative...
24x17 cm

"Blue queen"


Acrylic painting "Sutry"

This unfinished painting was hanging on my easel a looong time and I had no motivation to finish it.,,,and I was too lazy. I suppose that I´ve lost the initial idea and also passion for the scene disappeared.

Anyway, I really wanted to start something new and I hate to left unfinished work just like that. So this is it. 

Acrylics on 24 x 32 cm cardboard 400g/m2, signed and still need to be varnished...
"Sutry" means something like big rocks...:)




Sketching with ink and watercolor

Here comes some update after a long silence... I was practicing perspective by sketching buildings. I was using ink and water mixable pen (watercolor pen? ). It´s quite quick method.

Enjoy :)


Acrylic b/w portrait sketching

I´m having fun with quick and small black and white acrylic sketches in my sketchbook. Not perfect, trying to play with brushes, focus on simplifying the form and values.




Acrylic sketch self-portrait

Trying to practice with acrylics and focusing on values. I was using only Titanium white and Mars Black paint (and their mixes gray).
It was quite quick sketch on paper (in my sketchbook) with quick pencil line art,  it´s rough and messy, but I like it...



Acrylic training sketches

I bought a new book about painting with acrylics with explanations of some interesting techniques. Nothing completely new, but nicely explained. So I´ve spent this afternoon with experimenting. :)

Here are my results, nothing fancy, just training sketches in my sketchbook.

 How to paint glass...

Using warm underpaint and contrast colors for portrait painting...

How to create rusty texture


Acrylic mini portrait "Tuareg"

...aaand next one.... small 14x14cm acrylic painting on hardboard from this weekend. I don´t feel cery comfortable with this format, maybe I don´t have proper brushes...

This is mini portrait according photo reference from some magazine about traveling.



Acrylic portrait of Rum

I had some free time today so I´ve decided to experiment i little... :)
Really small format 14x14 cm hardboard, acrylic paints and bottle of rum...Plantation...

Not a masterpiece but it was fun...

"Portrait of Rum"


Walking dead fan art

Here comes some fan art picture/comics related to The Walking Dead series. I´ve reused my previous picture of Rick, created new one with Negan, blended and...done ..:)


Speedpaint video "Secret"

I didn§t realized previously that I was recording the progress of my digital sketching...:)
I called it "Secret"...



Value study

I saw nice photo in a catholic calendar and I made this acrylic value study. Used just burned umber and 24x32cm cardboard...
Nothing fancy, I just wanted to share it...



Some recent Digital sketches

Just a mix of digital sketches done for fun and to practice the technique...


Digital painting "China"

I was experimenting a bit with different technique than usually. I saw this somewhere on youtube and it was demonstrated by some guy from China. These smooth colorful portraits are quite typical for these manga Chinese guys... :)
It was just one evening session so it is not very detailed and definitely some space for improvements.
I just wanted to check if I understand and I´m able to replicate...:)

Done with my Huion tablet and CS4  



Video for "Blueface" painting

Here comes the promised video with my painting process when I was working on the "Blueface" painting.
It is speed up  8x.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts...


Acrylic painting "Blueface"

I had some free time this weekend so I made this quite small acrylic painting. There was a reference photo used as an inspiration. I really don§t know how exactly is this type of butterfly called, so I´ve created my own name - "Blueface" :)

This was the first session where I has been using the Mastersons Sta-wet palet - which I bought in US and bring it back to Europe ... And my first impression is really good. I like the palet paper, very useful.

Check some of my photos, there will be added also video with the painting progress - as I was recording my work. Still need to process it and share it online on youtube... soon, hopefully

Painted on artistic 24 x 32 cm cardboard 400 g/m2, varnished with glosy varnish and signed


 framed :)

my palet