Acrylic painting "Blueface"

I had some free time this weekend so I made this quite small acrylic painting. There was a reference photo used as an inspiration. I really don§t know how exactly is this type of butterfly called, so I´ve created my own name - "Blueface" :)

This was the first session where I has been using the Mastersons Sta-wet palet - which I bought in US and bring it back to Europe ... And my first impression is really good. I like the palet paper, very useful.

Check some of my photos, there will be added also video with the painting progress - as I was recording my work. Still need to process it and share it online on youtube... soon, hopefully

Painted on artistic 24 x 32 cm cardboard 400 g/m2, varnished with glosy varnish and signed


 framed :)

my palet

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