Acrylic painting "K lesu"

Here comes the acrylic painting I was working during this weekend. It is inspired by really nice landscape painting from Czech painter Zdenek Jancik. My piece is not exact copy, it just follow the landscape concept... I will not sell it, it´s more like study work and I will hang it on my own wall.

Dusty roads leading to a forest are well known to me and I was walking through a lot of them when I was younger...

"K lesu" means To forest, Painted with acrylic colors on stretched canvas 30x40cm.

"K lesu"



My first drawing experiences :)

This is kind of retrospective post, I was asked to share some drawings from times when I was doing my first drawings and trying to figure out how to hold the pencil... :)
Maybe it´s a shame that my drawing skills were the same like I was a child. But even I´m still far to be a master there is some visible progress... :)
Behold ! The beginning of my journey.

My very first drawing in my very first sketchbook, early 2011

My anatomy knowledge was really outstanding... :)

Some portrait created after a month of study.

Some drawing after a year. 2012

Portrait after a year and half Autumn 2012