Acrylic painting "K lesu"

Here comes the acrylic painting I was working during this weekend. It is inspired by really nice landscape painting from Czech painter Zdenek Jancik. My piece is not exact copy, it just follow the landscape concept... I will not sell it, it´s more like study work and I will hang it on my own wall.

Dusty roads leading to a forest are well known to me and I was walking through a lot of them when I was younger...

"K lesu" means To forest, Painted with acrylic colors on stretched canvas 30x40cm.

"K lesu"



My first drawing experiences :)

This is kind of retrospective post, I was asked to share some drawings from times when I was doing my first drawings and trying to figure out how to hold the pencil... :)
Maybe it´s a shame that my drawing skills were the same like I was a child. But even I´m still far to be a master there is some visible progress... :)
Behold ! The beginning of my journey.

My very first drawing in my very first sketchbook, early 2011

My anatomy knowledge was really outstanding... :)

Some portrait created after a month of study.

Some drawing after a year. 2012

Portrait after a year and half Autumn 2012


Digital potrait "Someone else"

I was experimenting with some digital air brush like techniques. The result is not bad, but I missed the likeness, so it looks like someone else... :)

CS4, Huion tablet, screencap from a movie...

"Someone else"


Digital painting hangouts [CZ] trailer video

There was more than 40 Digital painting hangout sessions (in Czech language) already, so I decided to create something like video trailer for it... It was fun. :)
Done with MS Movie maker tool...


Digital portrait sketch "Ondra" + video

Here comes digital sketch of my colleague Ondra. The reference photo is really bad, so this is my excuse that the likeness sucks...:)  terrible photo quality (mobile phone) and bad light conditions...
Anyway, here it is. You can also check the recorded process video, speed up 8x and missing final touches...
It took me around 40 minutes...

Done with Huion tablet and CS4




Acrylic painting "Zahradnicek" + video

Here comes the acrylic painting of this weekend, called "Zahradnicek" (small gardener:). I had really a great time when working on this.
It´s been a long time when I was painting on hardboard and I still like it...maybe more than paper/cardboard...

Acrylic paint on 25 x 30cm hardboard, glossy varnish , signed
Some reference picture from internet used for inspiration...


Here you can see video with first 20 minutes of work, I need to figure out how to record bigger time frame, not sure if my camera is capable of it or not, but I hope it´s just about settings...
.... and the speed of painting was artificially increased... :)



Acrylic painting "Hulkbuster" + video

Do you remember my digital painting of Hulkbuster done during some previous hangout? (This one:)
So, I was wondering how it could look like when I would try to paint it also traditionally with acrylics and whether I am able to do it... You can check the result and evaluate which one is better.. :)

You can also see video with the progress, just first 20 minutes. Next time I will speed it up a bit, it´s really not very interesting to watch it now. I am experimenting with MS Movie maker tool and it looks quite promising. I will produce super good quality commented video with effects next time (I hope)... :)

Here comes my Hulkbuster, acrylics on cardboard 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch, signed, varnished with glossy varnish.



Acrylic painting "Autumn river"

Hi there! :)
I was wondering that I should paint some "fine real art" after some time... so I took a stretched canvas I had bought a long time ago, fancy acrylic colors, my best brushes and here it is... :)
Autumn topic is quite suitable these days.

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas 30x40 cm, varnished and signed.... and reserved right away...:)
The colors of the photo may differ a bit from the original, that´s because there is a lack of solid day light...

"Autumn river" 



Digital painting "Hulkbuster"

There was a digital painting hangout during this weekend and the topic was "machines". So I've decided to paint some robot stuff, accidentally found a screencap from the last Avengers movie.
I'm not a big fan of Avengers but the Hulkbuster armor in action was really great, maybe the best scene in the whole film... :)
So here comes my digital painting. It's not very constructive precise thing, it was my standard painterly sketching messy process ... :)  + some after effects...


You can also check the hangout recording bellow (Czech language):
Digital painting hangout [CZ] #36


Digital painting "Echo"

I was wondering that maybe I can try to paint a man - just to differentiate the work a bit... :)
So, no beautiful girl/lady today... enjoy the big and tough guy... :)

Used Huion and CS4


the early stage of wip...


Digital sketch "Wedding fireworks"

Here comes quick update, simple digital sketch based on wedding photo (provided by my colleague) created during Digital painting hangout.
It turned out that these painting hangouts have more participants when they are planned on weekends. So let's hope that we will keep the momentum... :)

Attached also the recording of the hangout, (Czech language)

"Wedding fireworks"


Digital sketch dump

Here are some digital sketches done during last few days, there was not time and will to put them here separately. Moreover, it's nothing fancy, no big deal, just quick sketches...

"Blue and Red"

"Digital weather"

The last one is experiment with Krita , I've found out that the issue related to Huion drivers is probably solved...yaaeeey, so I can use Krita also on my main PC.

"Ukraine soldier"


Digital painting "Tomas"

I´m still digital portraits addict... :) so here is the next piece... digital portrait of my colleague Tomas. I hope he don´t mind... :)
Maybe it´s more sketchy and I know about many possible improvements e.g. hair , but I was quite tired and I wanted to have it finished...

I have also video recording of the progress, but just the first part (session) because the second part recording failed and I noticed it when it was too late.

Done with my Huion tablet, CS4, photo own photo reference and it took two sessions (evenings).



Digital painting "Red Alfa"

Here comes my recent digital painting "Red Alfa" - I was wondering about the name longer than usual... :) It started just like digital sketching with photo reference, just to rump up after a long digital inactivity. But I was not able to stop...so it´s quite finished painting, I guess... 
Just low resolution, I know it´s a shame...

Done with Huion and CS4, took me two sessions (evenings)...

"Red Alfa"

work in progress


Acrylic painting "Lighthouse"

Here comes acrylic painting of this weekend - "Lighthouse"... no more comments needed, I guess.

Painted with acrylic colors on Canson cardboard 400g/m2, sealed with glossy varnish. Size of the picture is 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch , and could be easily framed.
Signed in right bottom corner and added also few notes on the backside.

I would like to try sell this painting through this website, use the "Buy now" button below if you are interested. Prize is just 20 USD and it is Free shipping this time...



Digital painting "Karkulka a lovec"

The crazy hot weather is gone (I hope) so I'm back in action :) I've missed painting a lot.
Here comes my result from Digital painting hangout. Main focus was on contrast and point of interest. I was painting according my own reference photo taken during my vacation in Beskydy - really nice hills. 
You can see there also hunter and Red riding hood (Karkulka) just to add there some story and tension :)
My painted landscape was used also by the rest of hangout participants as a baseline for their own "stories". It was fun...

Done with Huion, CS4

"Karkulka a lovec"

reference photo

Hangout archive (Czech language)


Acrylic painting "Abstract plates"

I was experimenting with colors and shapes and I also saw some inspiration on videos about abstract painting on youtube.
It looks quite easy on youtube, but it requires a lot of experience...obviously...
It was great fun and relax after all those landscapes and portraits...

Acrylic colors on hardboard 250g/m2 , 30x40 cm

"Abstract plates"


Acrylic painting "Pustevny forest"

Here comes small acrylic painting. Interesting trees and stones near to Pustevny, where I was on a short trip with my family. A lot of nice places there.
You can notice that there was used red underpainting.

A4 acid free paper 400g/m2.
sorry for bad light in foto...

"Pustevny forest"

reference picture ... :)


Playing with stones

I was on short vacation last week in Beskydy hills and there was quite hot weather. So we were often playing with kids in river / small creek flowing through woods....
I´ve found out that building small towers with river stones is fun even for me :)
Here are two pictures of my work, I´m also wondering that maybe I can try to paint a painting with these photos used as reference...in the future...


Digital sketch from hangout "Tank xyz"

There was a digital painting hangout yesterday evening and the topic was "gray scale study". 
I was working on landscape, then I've figured out that there could be placed something interesting to balance the composition and fill some empty space... :) so I choose tank... It is quite small picture and the work was quick so I decided to try add colors too.

There is problem with the hangout video because youtube claims that there was playing some song under copyright and therefore they muted the sound in the whole hangout recording. I can't say if they are right or not, because there is no chance to play the video with sound any more. And the function for removing the song part from the video doesn't work.
So I have video from hangout with no sound.... that's really great... :(

Done with CS4 and tablet Huion

"Tank xzy"


Acrylic painting "Jorah Mormont"

Too hot these days for some regular updates, but finally here comes something new and interesting... :)
I was working on this traditional painting for some time and it´s done now. It´s a fan art portrait of "Ser Jorah Mormont" well known knight from the well known series "Game of Thrones".

Painted with acrylic colors on Canson artistic acid free paper 400g/m2. I really like this paper, especially its nice decent texture and the fact that it is pretty tough. The painting is also sealed by glossy varnish.
Size of the picture is 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch , and could be easily framed.
Signed in left bottom corner and added also few notes on the backside.

I would like to try sell this painting through this website, use the "Buy now" button below if you are interested. Prize is just 20 USD and it is Free shipping this time...

 "Ser Jorah Mormont"



Digital sketch "Hangout beauty"

I've scheduled Digital painting hangout for English speakers yesterday and I was looking forward to chat with other digital painters in English online... (on Air)
The sad true is, that no one came.... and I'm really not sure why. Maybe because of different time zones, not sure how the time is represented by google+. 
If you have some tips or tricks how to manage it and be more successful next time then just let me know...

Anyway, here is my result picture - I would call it digital sketch - and also record of the session...

If you would like to join the related google+ community and participate just check this link.

"Hangout beauty"

Hangout session


Digital sketch "lying"

Some quick update after a loooong time... 
- I'm too busy
- I'm too lazy  :(
- Too nice whether outside
- trying to work more traditionally 
- etc... :)

So here comes result of yesterdays Digital painting hangout , I would call it sketch. I was talking too much, so the result is not very sophisticated... :)

Adding also recorded hangout, done in Czech language mostly.



Digital study of Sargent´s "Charles"

This is a result of yesterdays Czech digital painting hangout focused on study of portraits from "old masters"... This time it is "Charles Woodbury" from John Singer Sargent.
It was very interesting, especially colors. I had issues to identify those blue-purple and red-purple tones...
I would like to use gained knowledge in some of my own paintings...


Digital painting hangout (CZ)

And one more color study of Sargent, done during some previous hangout...


Acrylic painting "Kopecek"

I´m improving my traditional painting skills with acrylic paint and also trying to focus more on impressionistic style, left some details behind and be more loose.
Also experimenting with new brand of paint....

This picture is inspired by small chapel close to "Saint small hill" :) , nice place for a short trip. 
Acrylic colors on hardboard 250g/m2 , A4




Digital painting "Kytka"

My result from yesterdays digital painting hangout. Maybe it´s my first painting of flower ever :)
It was quite a challenge, especially colors and light.



Digital painting "Nighty"

There was a digital painting hangout yesterday and this is my result...
I can see there few issues which were not so obvious yesterday during the session, but it is just training study without some deeper idea... right? :)
These painting hangouts in Czech language are going to be quite popular but for the English hangouts it's a different story. I would say that the biggest problem are different time zones of possible participants...
Feel free to check the g+ community "Digital painting hangouts [ENG]"


Hangout archive video (Czech language)


Digital sketch "Sitting" + video

Once upon a time there was a nice evening and I was wandering what to do. Finally I plugged my tablet Huion in and started to sketch some nice girl/woman according some random reference picture. I started also a google hangout on air to stream the progress and archive it....
So here it is... :)
If you like the idea of watching the art stream or you would like to join and enjoy the fun then feel free to add me into your circles or join my community Digital painting hangouts [ENG].

"Sitting" digital sketch

Hangout video


Acrylic painting "Imp forest"

Next painting related to study of impressionistic style of Hashim Akib, as mentioned in previous post. This time it´s not so loose and impress, there is a bit more details. It was fun (again) and I really like the color from under-painting shining here and there... :)

Acrylics colors on A4 hardboard 250g/m2.

"Imp forest" 



Acrylic painting "Imp tree"

I´ve bought very inspirational book "Vibrant Acrylics" from Hashim Akib, so I was practicing with acrylics. The picture below is one of my first attempts. My intent was not to just blindly follow the instructions but also experiment with my own way...
The result is not super cool but I really like it, I was surprised how the underpainting makes a difference and impact of different brush strokes...the overall impressionist and sketchy look.. :)

Here comes the result - A4 hardboard 250g/m2, my own reference

"Imp tree"


Acrylic painting "Kopretiny"

Here comes my "traditional" acrylic painting (two paintings actually) of this week called "Kopretiny"...:). Finally something different than portraits... It was quite fun, especially the background. I was experimenting with acrylic thinner - you can see those red and blue tones in the background...
It's mostly decorative piece and ready to sell.

2x A4 artistic hardboard 250g/m2 , (before split)


detail #1

detail #2