Acrylic painting "Hulkbuster" + video

Do you remember my digital painting of Hulkbuster done during some previous hangout? (This one:)
So, I was wondering how it could look like when I would try to paint it also traditionally with acrylics and whether I am able to do it... You can check the result and evaluate which one is better.. :)

You can also see video with the progress, just first 20 minutes. Next time I will speed it up a bit, it´s really not very interesting to watch it now. I am experimenting with MS Movie maker tool and it looks quite promising. I will produce super good quality commented video with effects next time (I hope)... :)

Here comes my Hulkbuster, acrylics on cardboard 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch, signed, varnished with glossy varnish.


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