Digital potrait "Someone else"

I was experimenting with some digital air brush like techniques. The result is not bad, but I missed the likeness, so it looks like someone else... :)

CS4, Huion tablet, screencap from a movie...

"Someone else"


Digital painting hangouts [CZ] trailer video

There was more than 40 Digital painting hangout sessions (in Czech language) already, so I decided to create something like video trailer for it... It was fun. :)
Done with MS Movie maker tool...


Digital portrait sketch "Ondra" + video

Here comes digital sketch of my colleague Ondra. The reference photo is really bad, so this is my excuse that the likeness sucks...:)  terrible photo quality (mobile phone) and bad light conditions...
Anyway, here it is. You can also check the recorded process video, speed up 8x and missing final touches...
It took me around 40 minutes...

Done with Huion tablet and CS4




Acrylic painting "Zahradnicek" + video

Here comes the acrylic painting of this weekend, called "Zahradnicek" (small gardener:). I had really a great time when working on this.
It´s been a long time when I was painting on hardboard and I still like it...maybe more than paper/cardboard...

Acrylic paint on 25 x 30cm hardboard, glossy varnish , signed
Some reference picture from internet used for inspiration...


Here you can see video with first 20 minutes of work, I need to figure out how to record bigger time frame, not sure if my camera is capable of it or not, but I hope it´s just about settings...
.... and the speed of painting was artificially increased... :)



Acrylic painting "Hulkbuster" + video

Do you remember my digital painting of Hulkbuster done during some previous hangout? (This one:)
So, I was wondering how it could look like when I would try to paint it also traditionally with acrylics and whether I am able to do it... You can check the result and evaluate which one is better.. :)

You can also see video with the progress, just first 20 minutes. Next time I will speed it up a bit, it´s really not very interesting to watch it now. I am experimenting with MS Movie maker tool and it looks quite promising. I will produce super good quality commented video with effects next time (I hope)... :)

Here comes my Hulkbuster, acrylics on cardboard 32 x 24 cm  = 12,5 x 9,4 inch, signed, varnished with glossy varnish.