So, here is a digital training sketch. It took me arround 1hour, used tablet wacom bamboo and photoshop...
I was experimenting with light, trying to create the feel that she is the light in darknes... but not sure if successfully. Aaand kind of old master look, but I gues there is needed to improve the brush strokes, a lot.
Anyway, the colour pallet is quite fine, I guess...
Anyway #2, it´s just training sketch, right?  :)
Here is the reference picture I´ve used for inspiration...


"Greenwall" - digital sketching practice

After a really long rime (several months) I've decided to try digital painting again. So I took my wacom bamboo tablet and started with some naked woman photo study. It was quite tough at the beginning because I felt quite rusty. The result is this rough sketch and I would say that it's not so bad... :)
Anyway, I feel more motivated now and definitely will try to use tablet more often...

"Greenwall" :)



This is currently my last portrait sketch. After a long time I decided to draw some more known face - Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction (Travolta)... :) Still not perfect, but I suppose the progress is visible.
I would say, that the value rendering is quite easy for me. The really challenging part is the preparation sketch, when I have to focus on proportions, pose, etc. If this is not done right, then the picture will never look good. It require a lot of practicing. ... so, I'm on my way...

Standard paper A5, kohinor pencils 7B, 2B and smudge tool, photoshop slightly used for some final customization


My own easel

I made my own easel. It has 3 legs and it is just slightly customizable. I suppose it could be a nice change for me.... not just sitting in front of monitor...will see how it will suite me... :)
I have to find out how to fix paper on the board, but I have some ideas already. Currently used just for drawing.