Digital painting "Glenn" from Walking dead

Here comes next fan art digital painting for Walking dead series (again) this time welcome Glenn !
I was trying to get more "finished" look, it took me not much more time than my usual digital sketches, but I had to focus on my brush work more. The result was a bit surprising even for me... :)
It looks quite realistic, but I swear that there was no photo tracing or some "cheating" techniques, maybe just a little bit of photoshop postprocessing like color adjustment, gradient mapping, noise addition, etc...

Took me around 2 hours, used CS4 and Huion tablet and screenshot from the Walking dead series...
No video this time...
Comments and tips for next character are welcomed.



  1. ,uzes udelat Daryla Dixona ? :)

  2. muzu se zeptat, pres co to delas ? snazim se zacit :D a nevim pres co :D
    jinak to je pekny :)

  3. Daryla mam v planu, uvidime kdy se zadari.
    Je to malovany tabletem Huion ve photoshopu CS4
    Diky za komentare

  4. dik :)
    uz se tesim :)