Acrylic portrait - "Bohumil"

It´s been quite a long time from my last post. So here you can see result of my effort. I was working on a portrait of my friend´s grandfather. I was using a digital photo of an old black/white paper photography.

I was painting with acrylics on hard board 50x40 cm and it took me more than one month of work (not really the whole month, I was painting just for a while during some evenings).

It was really very challenging and exciting work - trying to find out right colors and investigation of blurred details in the reference picture... :)

I hope that this painting will be hanging on the wall for centuries... :) 

Bellow you can see the result and also gif with several stages of the work...
Comments and tips will be highly appreciated.



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  1. Wow love your art! Your details are incredible!
    Maybe check my blog along the way?