Come and join my Digital painting hangouts community

I was experimenting with "Google+ hangouts On air" feature for few last weeks and I would say, that it has a great potential for digital artists. I've became a founder of an experimental hangout community for Czech digital painters and it's still running and growing. You can check the content and see how it looks like…

Now, I would like to expand and extend this activity with worldwide digital painters. That means to share it with related global communities and actively start using English language. So, I´ve created new google+ community - Digital painting hangouts [ENG]

Most of all it's about fun and new experiences. Meet with other artists and find out what will happen... :)

How it works
- Google+ hangout on air is a free tool/service. 
- 10 active participants + endless number of possible viewers
- session is streamed online in real time
- record of a session is saved to youtube archive

Don't be shy and join! :)

Community logo :)

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